Daly Skincare Product Love: Olay Quench Body Lotion

Daly Skincare Product Love: Olay Quench Body Lotion

Another drugstore product has made it into my Daly Product love line up. I wanted to try something different from my Nivea Q10. Lately I’ve felt that the silicone content, while making the lotion feel silky and smooth on my skin, wasn’t actually sinking in and moisturising my skin as much as I wanted. I was reapplying often and perhaps this is due to central heating being turned on but at any rate I was perusing the shelves at my drugstore looking for something new. I’d read favourable reviews of Olay Quench Body Lotion and grabbed it. Well, I love it! It has a soft sweet scent that is reminiscent of L’Occitane’s Almande line- sort of a floral almond scent- that lasts just long enough to be pleasant then slowly dissipates. My skin drinks it up and it leaves it soft, glowing and hydrated.


I also bought the Olay Quench Plus Firming Body Lotion because I like the idea of firming certain, ahem, areas. I love it as well. They both have a lovely silky texture that sinks into the skin leaving it soft and glowing, with just a whisper of scent. Verdict? Best lotion for under $10 I’ve ever used. I will be using this all winter!

Olay body products are available at drugstores and online.

Yves St Laurent Premiere Neiges vs Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me

Yves St Laurent Premiere Neiges vs Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me

The YSL Holiday 2012 Make Up Collection includes a gorgeous top coat called Premiere Neiges. It’s a glitter top coat that adds a sprinkling of fairy dust-like “snow” to any colour. It transforms all colours into magical and pretty shimmery delights and is unique in that the glitter is not suspended per say – you have to shake it up from the bottom of the bottle to make the magic happen. I was gushing about wanting this $25 beauty the other day when my friend Elena told me I was crazy, and why wouldn’t I just get Deborah Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me? It’s been around for quite awhile and is alway selling out due to it’s magical powers to turn any nail colour into a unicorn of sparkly beauty. Well, I went to Holt Renfrew today to play with these colours. And wouldn’t you know, Elena was right. They are so similar it was impossible for me to justify an extra $10 just for the YSL. My concern would be that over time as the YSL top coat gets thicker, it will get harder to shake up the magic glitter.

Please excuse the photos I took at the store with my phone, but I think you can see how similar they are. If anything, the blue sparkly particles in the YSL might be a wee bit bigger. But other than that, it’s tough to see the difference. I wore each one on it’s own, then layered each one over 2 coats of Estee Lauder Viper (which I wanted but ended up leaving with Chanel Vendetta….ANYWAYS).

Tried to catch the “glimmer” of each bottle in store


YSL Premiere Neiges on ring finger, Lippmann Dream A Little Dream on middle & pinky finger


Index finger on left is YSL, pinky on right is Lippmann. Capturing these was hard!

So – what do you think? Is Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me dupe-worthy? Any other dupes?


Mom To Mom Beauty on Elizabeth Street

Mom To Mom Beauty on Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street is the website for stylish moms. It’s as fun to read as your favourite magazine, filled with like minded women and great ideas. From their site:

* an international collective of chic moms who know that life is best lived with style

* your global destination for discoveries in fashion, food, street chic, travel, design, and family life

* a favorite new clutch, a strong macchiato, your child’s next birthday cake, your next island retreat, a hidden Paris bistro, the ultimate summer camp, a digital photography class

* where style is measured by taste, not a price tag

* a place where children benefit through ElizabethST charitable donations

* a state of mind

* you

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to read? I love it and always find something fun and new. So I was honoured to be invited to share some tips for feeling beautiful and how I bring beauty to my family and children. Check it out! And be sure to bookmark Elizabeth Street, next to your Daly Beauty bookmark, of course. And they are on Twitter and Instagram– follow them and be sure to join the conversation!

Sometimes A Rose Is Just A Rose – Comme de Garçons Rose Eau de Toilette

Sometimes A Rose Is Just A Rose – Comme de Garçons Rose Eau de Toilette

Comme de Garçons has some lovely simple and beautiful perfumes. They also have some intense & exotic perfumes, so it’s safe to say they have a perfume for everyone. If you read the blog regularly you know I love rose- the scent of rose, using rosewater, scenting my home with rose….

I can’t go on and on and wax rhapsodic about Comme de Garçons Series 2: Rose eau de toilette. It simply smells like roses. It has some fruity berry notes to sweeten the rose, which is perfect. Rose soliflore scents can tend to smell sour, or lately they are laden down with patchouli and called “dark roses”. These include Stella McCartney Stella, Cabochard Cabaret, L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses, Juliet has a Gun  Lady Vengeance, Fresh Cannabis Rose…the list is almost endless. Its a nice scent combo but I’m a bit bored of it, and if I want extra stuff with my roses I am happy to layer it myself. So Comme de Garçons Rose is a perfect simple rose perfume for me. One of my favourite ways to wear it is with Kiehl’s Musk – oh la la now THAT is a sexy rose. Or, I can amp up the rose notes in a perfume like Ungaro Diva. It is sublime with tea scents as well.

Joe Massie designed dress using almost 2000 red roses….

So there you have it. A rose perfume that is simply, a rose perfume.

I got my Comme de Garcons Rose perfume at Barney’s in Los Angeles….

My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

My No-Fuss Daly Beauty Routine

Even though I am obsessed with beauty, I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Reason? Laziness, perhaps? Also, as time goes by, I find I don’t like the feeling of a lot of stuff on my face. But, like anyone, I like to look polished, bright eyed and as radiant as possible with as little effort as possible. I spend time on my skincare routine, and even though it took me almost 12 minutes to explain it, it really takes less than 5 minutes in the morning and at night to take care of my skin. If anything, as we age we should spend more time on My cosmetic routine in the morning is pretty no-nonsense as well. So- what do I use?

Start with a cleansed and moisturised face. Give your skincare a few minutes to soak in before applying make up- this is a good time to brush your teeth, apply body lotion, brush hair etc. Then:

Concealer: this is a must have for a wide awake and radiant look. Nothing ages you quicker than dark skin around the eyes, and uneven skin tone. Using a concealer brush ( love the one I got from Lancome) I apply my HG concealer, Lancome Effacernes. It is creamy and never creases or settles into lines. It’s also waterproof. I blend it lightly under my eyes and on the sides of my nose.

Eye Make Up Primer: I have oily skin, and truthfully a lot of use have oily eye lids even if the rest of our skin is dry. My hands down HG primer is the incredible Urban Decay Potion Primer  (UDPP) in the slightly yellow toned Eden. I use my fingers to apply a very thin layer on my eyelids- too much gets cake-y and uneven so a light hand is key. Also- a trick: using a small brush, I use a small amount of UDPP on spots/blemishes before applying any concealer on them. It helps extend the life of any concealer you use. It’s the little things, folks. UDPP in Nude is slightly pinker, Greed is a gold shimmer and Sin is a taupe shimmer. I also have and love Sin. Gorgeous.

Powder: I don’t use foundation, but if you do, apply it now! I just use a foundation type of powder, and dust it all over my face. My favourite is Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base pressed powder. It’s practically invisible yet evens skin tone beautifully. It has sunscreen and doesn’t irritate my oily acne-prone skin. I will weep if this is ever discontinued.

Eyeliner: I am a huge tightlining fan. I tightline along my upper lash line (explanation here) and I use a waterproof pencil or liquid. My fave pencils are Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Pencil and Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof. I take tightlining a little further and like to wriggle the pencil between my upper lashes a little bit as well. My favourite liquid liner is L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip – this stuff is fool proof! When I use this, I don’t waste my time trying to draw a line along my lashes- oh goodness no. I leave that to the pros. And my daughters. What I do with the felt tip liner is dot it between my upper eyelashes- tightly of course, sort of like connecting the dots. I always use black or an almost-black colour, as this shade will make the white of the eyes appear whiter and brighter. Brown tones can emphasise redness in eyes- NOT what we want. What tightlining does is give the illusion of thick eyelashes and opens the eyes beautifully. On a lazy day, that’s all I do. I use Revitalash and tint my lashes so mascara is mostly optional. But for a more finished look, I give a swipe of my favourite mascara, Clinique Lash Power.

Blush & Bronzer: Almost done! Now, I look in the mirror and smile, so I can see the apples of my cheeks. Then I apply a soft dusting of a sheer pink blush right on those babies. My latest love is the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Antigua – it’s called and illuminating bronzer but to my eyes its a sheer cool pink. I LOVE it! The shade is universally flattering, and so sheer that it is practically fail proof. Illuminating? Yes it is glowy, but only in the broadest definition. There is no glitter or glimmer but somehow it adds a glow and I can’t believe it took me until 2 months ago to get it! Then, if I need it, I grab my favourite bronzer (lately also Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer in Aruba but I also love Guerlain Terracotta – read about my fave bronzing powders here ). You don’t have to go all Jersey Shore with bronzer. At this time of year, a tiny bit to add colour to our pale faces is all you need.

Lips: And now apply whatever you want on your lips! After brushing my teeth, I give my lips a good scrub with a facecloth to prep them. I am a balm fanatic so I usually apply my lip balm now and put on gloss or sheer lippy before heading out the door. Almost all my lip colour is in my purse so I do that after my morning routine. My balms du jour are La Mer and, save me from myself, Chanel Lip Care. Cold weather and central heating dry out my lips so I work hard to keep them soft and supple.

S o- TA DA, you are done! Seriously, if this takes you more than 15 minutes, you need to practice and practice to get your time down! It’s easy and a great way to look polished but not make up. And, it’s super easy to glam up your look for parties by adding some shimmery taupe or gold shadow, or a little grey or taupe liner along the bottom lash line, and a dramatic or bright lip colour. I keep a blotting powder in my purse to keep shine at bay, and my YSL Touche Eclat in case I need to hide/highlight anything mid-day. But- that’s it!

Do you have any tips for your morning routine? I’d love to know!

OPI Quarter of A Cent-Cherry: A Saucy & Naughty Red Polish

OPI Quarter of A Cent-Cherry: A Saucy & Naughty Red Polish

Wow. This is a va-va-voom red. I am seriously in love with this OPI shade that was, not surprisingly, from their 2006 25th Anniversary Collection. It is part of their regular collection now, and thank goodness for that. It’s a deep cherry red, that tends to be deep & dark rather than bright. In certain lighting it’s almost vampy, which is rather cool and shape-shifter-y of it. It’s got a juicy, almost jelly finish that also wears quite well, for a red. Putting a top coat on daily (quick-dry, takes 2 minutes!) helps longevity. I used 2 coats of OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry with Lippmann Hard Rock base coat and Lippmann Addicted to Speed top coat. Perhaps it could use 3 coats? It’s hard to say. Anyways, I love it, and have been wanting to wear it every day.

Taken indoors, with incandescent light

Taken indoors, with natural light

OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry is available where OPI is sold. I bought a new bottle this week after Biddy had a horrible nail polish accident with the old one. Her foot is healing well.

Super Sexy Robert Piguet Douglas Hannant. Also, Perfect Party Perfume

Super Sexy Robert Piguet Douglas Hannant. Also, Perfect Party Perfume

Robert Piguet is a fashion house that launched in the early 30s, and is most famously known for it’s bomabstic, gorgeous and take-no-prisoners scents of the 40s. There is Bandit, a naughty and butch leather fragrance, not for the meek, and  also Fracas, a reference tuberose, nay, the Queen of all tuberose perfumes. They were both made by the ahead of her time Germaine Cellier – whose knowledge of fragrance and chemistry led her to create perfumes that not even the most creative types could imagine. Fragrantica has a terrific profile of Cellier here. She used traditional ingredients but at nuclear levels, creating something above and beyond a simple scent. So. Piguet’s Fracas is loved and worn by many people, and though it was discontinued at some point, there was enough of a demand for Piguet to bring it back. It was slightly reformulated by a modern perfumer, mostly due to the legality and availability of the raw materials. It is still a massive tuberose diva, and can only be tamed by some skins. Mine is not one of them. I want to love Fracas! I want to wear Fracas! But sadly, she wore me. She moves in with all her luggage,  turns the music up as loud as it can be, and frightens all the neighbourhood dogs.

Happily for me, Robert Piguet has done some playing with their much beloved/revered/feared Fracas and has come up with some lovely variations on a sexy, gorgeous floral theme. The one I am wearing right now, that is making me swoon, is Douglas Hannant.  Douglas Hannant is a chic and exclusive designer to the upper echelons of society. He’s not common or well known to those outside the circle (that would include yours truly)  and it’s fitting that Robert Piguet would choose a mysterious name to don the house’s signature black opaque glass bottle of this incredible floral beauty. Piguet calls it a “fresher, younger Fracas, with pear on the top with the traditional floral base”. Well, there must be a lot of pear, because it definitely does cut the sweetness and and indolic tendencies of Fracas. I also find the gardenia in the heart is able to shine more in Douglas Hannant, and the pear notes just melt beautifully into the florals. It lasts ages on the skin, and the creamy sandalwood and musk along with a soft and sweet jasmine linger delicately on the skin. Remember, the Victorians would not let young girls smell tuberose, as they were afraid of the carnal and aphrodisiac effect it might have on them. Dangerous perfume? Sign me up.

Don’t get me wrong. This is no shrinking violet of a perfume, nor does it whisper. It still has a strong presence but it’s not a perfume bomb. It is devastatingly feminine, and makes me feel like painting my nails red, putting my hair up, and busting out the highest heels I can find. If you love Fracas, this is worth a sniff. You may find you need both….That said, a small spray of this would be perfect with a soft cashmere sweater and jeans on a cool day, or a silky flowy maxidress on the beach in the warm sunshine. Verdict? Delicate, tasteful and feminine- I love it.  I’ve been wearing this all day and my nose has been glued to my wrist. For me, this says a lot….

Robert Piguet has revamped and re-released all of their scents, along with new and beautiful creations. I have samples of some and will be sharing reviews for those soon. If you get the chance to try them, you must! The line is elegant and gorgeous, and worthy of lots of praise.


Robert Piguet Douglas Hannant is available at perfume counters where Piguet is sold, and online from their site. On their homepage they list the department stores that carry their line. Go sniff if you can.

New Addiction: My Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator

New Addiction: My Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator

I am a fan of Dermaglow skincare, and their Lip Plumping balm is a staple in my make up arsenal. I got the chance to try their new Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator- available at drugstores in Canada. It’s not listed on their website yet, and I don’t know if anyone outside Canada can get their hands on it…

So back to the product. It is an illuminating cream that in look is similar to MAC Strobe Cream- so kind of like a highlighter. It also is chock full of hyaluronic acid spheres, so it has serious moisturizing and enhances skin texture by filling in lines and wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes.  I have been using it on the outer corners of my eyes/top of cheekbones area as a hydrating luminizer. It adds radiance and moisture and is a great way to freshen up  and brighten mid day. It has three small metal roller balls on the slanted tip for a cooling massaging action, while stimulating microcirculation. Even though it is designed for the eye area, it is a sheer formula and is also fantastic used on the upper lip line. Yes you heard that right. I use a few drops to lighten the upper lip area and a dab or two on the cupid’s bow of the lip makes your lips look fuller. The moisturizing properties help plump lines in the upper lip area. Seriously, this stuff is miraculous. I keep it in my make up bag, and have used it on long drives so I look perky and bright when I reach my destination. It is also terrific when flying as it add moisture to skin parched by high altitudes. I’m not sure if there are any long term benefits but as a creamy lovely product that adds radiance and moisture, I’m hooked. It’s like emergency healing balm for your face.

Perfect for party season, when you want to look your glowy best. File Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator under my emergency radiance kit.


Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator is available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall Pharma Plus for around $34. It is so new it’s not even on the Dermaglow website yet! I will update this post as I find out more.

Sweet Scented Memories

Sweet Scented Memories

Scent is our strongest memory trigger. I know my earliest memories involve scent….being a wee sprog and getting into my mum’s make up. Her luxe cake mascara and those 60s lipsticks had a distinct rose scent that has been reproduced in few perfumes, notably Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose and my favourite, L’Artisan Parfumeur Drole de Rose, and a whiff of those perfumes send me reeling back in time. There are those unmistakable seasonal scents as well- you know, when you can “smell”  fall in the air as those summer days get shorter. Or that hopeful whiff of spring as the days get longer after  a long cold winter. The smell of fall takes me back to school days and, another smell, sharpening my HB pencils and the smell of the inside of those wooden desks. So, you get what I mean by scent and memory, right? I’m sure you all have a friend or family member who wears a perfume or cologne that you will forever associate with them, one you likely wouldn’t buy for yourself because it really shares an identity with the wearer.

My step mother (Omi to my daughters) has a signature scent that I have always liked. It’s a beautiful and classic citrus scent, one of those sort of citrus chypre scents that aren’t made just for summer days. They have a rich mossy base, and hail from the 70s when some of my favourite perfumes came to be. Her scent is Lancome “O” de Lancome, a citrus scent launched in 1969. It is one of the more soft and floral citrus scents of the era, my other favourite being Dior Diorella. Diorella has a more mossy and dare I say, carnal, base. And Creed’s sadly discontinued Aubepine Acacia, which is really just a pretender of a citrus, although it has the same feel and vibe of “O” and Diorella, with more of the floral feel of “O”. The Lancome scent is heavily associated with my step mother, and I could never wear it, as much as I love it. It is really just “her”. It’s modern and classic at the same time, and fresh and clean while being warm and feminine. If you haven’t tried it and you enjoy uplifting citrus scents, check it out at the Lancome counter.

O de Lancome has a cool elegant vibe like the 70s fashion Lauren Hutton is sporting here…

So this story is about my daughter Biddy. She was born around 5 weeks too early, and at one point weighed under 5 lbs. Considering she is now taller than I am, it still amazes me to recall how wee she was. So, being so small and sleepy, she had to stay in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) ward for a week after she was born. Yes, I went home without my baby. It was gut wrenching, but I felt blessed to live a few blocks away from the hospital. At the time, my step mother headed up the volunteer auxillary at the hospital where Biddy was staying. I would drive to the hospital to feed Biddy every 2-3 hours. I’d spend most of the day there, feeding and snuggling her. Close physical skin to skin contact helps babies grow so I did lots of that. But one of the most beautiful memories I have would be arriving at the NICU early in the morning. It was the end of January, so it was cold, blustery and dark outside. The nurses (aka saints) would be silently fussing around, feeding and cradling the impossibly tiny babies, and I would sit on a rocking chair, cradling Biddy. But- almost every morning, I noticed when I picked her up, that she had a distinctly non-new-baby scent about her. That she smelled like, well, a lovely citrus perfume. Turns out, my stepmother would often get to the hospital before me, and her first stop was to the NICU. She would settle in to rock and snuggle Biddy before starting her work. There was something so comforting about knowing that even before I arrived, Biddy was getting rocked and sung to, and that she was learning the smells of the people who loved her.

Biddy & her Omis, almost 17 years ago…that’s me looking tired.

To this day, if either of my daughters smell “O” de Lancome, the first thing they say is “oh, that is Omi’s perfume”. And I suspect for them, and for me, it always will be.

Do you have a treasured scent memory?

“O” de Lancome is available at Lancome counters. There are several newer flanker releases of the original, but my favourite will always be just “O” de Lancome….

Benefit Cosmetics Limited Edition Holiday Sets Giveaway!

Benefit Cosmetics Limited Edition Holiday Sets Giveaway!


No one does adorable packaging like Benefit and they seem to get even cuter when they make minis! Benefit has a bunch of fabulous Holiday Sets out right now that are irresistible. I’ve shown you 2 but check out their page here and get your holiday shopping done in one stop!

Crescent Row Limited Edition Holiday Set:

Eau my! Four irresistible fragrance minis come together in this limited-edition set that’s perfect for gift-giving. Featuring the new scent, see & be seen Sasha, this lovable line-up has all the latest & greatest of Crescent Row. Included in the set are 4 mini 10ml bottles in a nifty little box. These are all very soft and wearable perfumes- something for everyone here!

Limited-edition set includes:

  • laugh with me LeeLee flirty & feminine woody floral
  • my place or yours Gina sinfully sexy woody oriental
  • ring my Bella sweetly seductive fruity floral
  • see & be seen Sasha daring & captivating floral


High Flyin’ Glosses Holiday Set

Sexy at any altitude! This limited-edition mini gloss set includes six irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks. The luxuriously plush formula glides on ahhh-mazingly smooth, thanks to the easy-squeeze tube and custom tip. They are lush and plush- you can read my review here. Each tube is 6.5 ml, perfect for tucking into holiday evening bags!

Limited-edition set includes:

  • dandelion (soft pearly pink)
  • dallas (dusty rose)
  • sugarbomb (shimmering pinky nude)
  • CORALista (sheer coral)
  • bella bamba (sheer bright watermelon)
  • hoola (shimmering golden nude)

So Daly  Beauty is giving away one of each set! Comment below and let me know if you are entering for the Lip Gloss set or the Perfume Set, be sure to follow @daly_beauty on Twitter and tweet out this post letting us know you entered! Be sure to like Daly Beauty on Facebook too! Check back after 6pm on Monday November 19th 2012 to see if you won! Contest is open to everyone, Canada, US & worldwide (except where prohibited). Thanks for reading xo

Comments are now closed- thank you to all who entered! The winner of the perfume set is Lisa Tuvell Hauguel and the lip gloss set goes to Cindy Leung! Watch Daly Beauty for our next giveaway!