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November 2013


Ground Control To Daly Beauty: The Lippmann Space Oddity Trio Is Gorgeous!

Ah, Deborah Lippmann. The manicurist with the golden glitter gun – she always has the power to make me want ALL THE LIPPMANNS. I think I got my first glimpse of the Space Oddity Trio colours on her Instagram  account…

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Slathering Myself In Rose Jam While I Shower…Thanks, LUSH

Mmmm, boy, oh, boy, LUSH does a beautiful job with rose scented products. Their Rose Jam Shower Gel is one of my favourite LUSH rose products, and it’s back for Christmas! LUSH Rose Jam is a sweet and creamy rose…

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Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie review dalybeauty

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie – A Powdery Rose Perfume

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie is not just another floral or rose scent. The list of notes is incredibly simple – bergamot, Bulgarian rose (known for their luscious scent), ambergris infusion and musk. Yet Fleurs de Bulgarie is so rich and…

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Moroccan Oil Body Butter And Intense Hydrating Treatment – Dry Skin Transformers

I recently got my hot little hands on the latest Moroccan Oil body products that are causing a sensation. The Moroccan Oil Body Butter, which is a super rich body cream that really has the texture of actual butter, and…

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Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Rubis Could Be The Ultimate Red Nailpolish

Oh, Chanel. And oh, Ommorphia (she’s a horrible/woderful enabler). I blame the two of them for making me get Chanel’s latest and most beautiful red nail polish, Rouge Rubis, from the Collection Nuit Infini de Chanel 2103. I have several red…

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A Princely Perfume: Floris London Cambridge Eau de Parfum

Floris London has been creating elegant luxury scents for almost 300 years. With celebrity clients such as Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, and Marilyn Monroe, their reputation is as impressive as it is understated. They have a special bespoke perfumery service…

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Cutical & Hand Care For Longer Lasting Manis

  Cuticle hand & nail care by dalybeauty featuring L’Occitane I love doing my own manicures, and have many tools and tricks in my mani kit. Dry skin and cold weather combined with dry indoor heating is hard on our…

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Protect & Treat Your Body: L’Occitane Almond & Shea Butter After The Bath/Shower

I just adore the L’Occitane line of products. I’ve yet to find something they make that I don’t love. Not just like, but love. Almost everyone I know has a L’Occitane hand cream kicking around somewhere – they just “get”…

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Christian Dior Holiday 2013 Vernis Minuit – A Vampy Gem of A Polish

Waaaahhhhh Dior did it again! They recreated their stunning little bijou of a nailpolish bottle for their latest holiday collection and of course, I could not resist!  The Dior Golden Winter Collection has several covetable items that I’m considering, but…

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