Chanel Coleurs Culte de Chanel Classic Nail Polish Collection

Chanel Coleurs Culte de Chanel Classic Nail Polish Collection

Nothing like a collection of Chanel’s favourite nail polishes to get a Chanel Addict going. I’ve had & loved Chanel Le Vernis Particuliere since it wss releasedI fell in love with the classic red of Chanel le Vernis Pirate, and had to seriously question my status as a beauty expert when I realized I did not own Chanel Rouge Noir. I know. It’s better now. So Chanel rereleased their classic colours as part of the Chanel Coleurs Culte de Chanel. I’ve been a card carrying Chanel Culte member for awhile now. Join us….

Chanel Le Vernis Pirate

Chanel Le Vernis Pirate in daylight


chanel rouge noir swatch

Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir in daylight



Universal. Undeniable. Unparalleled.

From audacious to elegant, five cult nail colours capture the essence of Chanel.



Chanel nail polishes are available at Chanel boutiques, Chanel cosmetic counters and online on the Chanel website.

Hot Nail Polish – Bright And Colourful Is The New Neutral

Hot Nail Polish – Bright And Colourful Is The New Neutral

These are just a few of the colours in my present rotation. I love how shades like OPI Eurso Euro (which is basically the exact colour of Bic Pen ink!) and Essie Turquoise & Caicos feel so easy to wear, despite the fact that they would have once been considered non traditional nail polish colours. They’ve become new classics, and work as well as red, if you dare to wear them. They are modern and fresh, and work as well with a pair of jeans as they do all dressed up.

Clockwise, from top left: OPI Eurso Euro, Essie Turqoise & Caicos, Chanel Frisson, OPI Funny Bunny

Clockwise, from top left: OPI Eurso Euro, Essie Turqoise & Caicos, Chanel Frisson, OPI Funny Bunny

Nude/neutral nails are super hot right now (when aren’t they??) and I love the clean wash of white from the sheer OPI Funny Bunny, as well as the twist on the average sheer pink you get with Chanel Frisson. It’s a lovely, almost peachy sheer pink with gentle flecks of gold.

What are you loving on your nails right now? Tune in next month (or even next week!) and I’m sure I’ll have new faves…..

Driven To Distraction by Thrills and Tentation – Oh, Chanel.

Driven To Distraction by Thrills and Tentation – Oh, Chanel.

Warning: pedicure/toes photo ahead! I’ve recently heard from people who are freaked out by foot photos, so I thought I would offer a warning. Although if you’re here it’s likely too late. Ooops.

I recently became obsessed with some Chanel Le Vernis shades from their summer 2012 collection. That would be the hot pink Tentation, the coral Distraction and shimmery pink Frisson. There was a white pearl, but since I have the gorgeous Dior Lady, I did not feel like I needed the white one.

chanel le vernis 541 Tentation

Chanel Le Vernis Tentation, two coats, daylight

Chanel Tentation is a stunning fuschia/red with an bluish- purple shimmer. It is not as “secret” as Chanel’s shimmers usually are, instead, the nature of this colour combination makes both the base and shimmer glow. I feel like a demented magpie when I wear Tentation on my fingers because I cannot stop staring at it. The formula is flawless and I get full coverage in two coats.

chanel le vernis 549 distraction

Chanel Le Vernis Distraction, two coats, daylight

Chanel Distraction is hand’s down my new favourite coral nail polish. It is simply beyond gorgeous, and the shimmer in Distraction is a fuschia-purple. It’s more subtle than the shimmer in Tentation, but it still glows with a magic only Chanel could create. It is my pedi colour of the summer so far. I find that pretty much every other colour in my collection matches the coral tone of Distraction, so it’s versatile as well as beautiful. Also a perfect formula, not too thick or thin, and two coats is opaque enough for me.

Chanel Le Vernis Frisson, two coats, in direct sunlight

Chanel Le Vernis Frisson, two coats, in direct sunlight

Channel Frisson (“thrill” in French!) is a soft semi sheer pink with gold iridescent shimmer that shows up *just* enough to make this more interesting than a simple sheer. It’s the perfect pretty in pink shade, and even though 2 coats isn’t completely opaque, I prefer it to three, which is opaque. It is soft and elegant but the gold shimmer adds a sparkle to your fingertips. Another gorgeous smooth formula in Frisson. Chanel’s Mica Rose is a bit pinker with a silvery white shimmer. Chanel Jade Rose is more of a peachy nude pink with a pinkish shimmer. So Frisson is obviously different enough that I needed it for my pink Chanel collection.

If you want to have your mind blown by incredible photos of this collection, sashay on over to this post on Ommorphia Beauty Bar and get your wallet out.

This Chanel collection appears to be available (separately) online and at select Chanel counters and boutiqes.

I Can’t Stop Staring At Chanel Azure Le Vernis Nail Polish

I Can’t Stop Staring At Chanel Azure Le Vernis Nail Polish

I often fall in love with beauty prodz that I think are sooo pretty (usually limited editions) and want to buy them immediately. But these likely things I would buy and then never use. So I exercise restraint and wait for the urge to pass, which it usually does. But, the newest nail polish from Chanel, Azure, kept singing it’s siren song to me.

Chanel Azure

These photos were taken with seconds of each other, I literally turned out of the direct light & ta-da! Teal with purple became blue.

I got it home and thought “blue-green-teal-purple chrome nail polish for ME?” and was a little worried this would be a Chanel polish that would gather dust, buried in my collection. I decided to apply it quickly before heading out for dinner and thought if I hated it, I could take it off. No big deal. Yes, I over think these things.


Well, the longer I wear it, the more I love it. It’s gorgeous, magical and changes with the light like something enchanted. I also got Taboo which I’m sure to love equally. Stay tuned for that review.


Aqua butterfly image from

Chanel Le Vernis Azure  and the Collection Eté Papillon 2013 is around $30 and available at Chanel counters, boutiques and online here.

Chanel Le Vernis Vertigo Is Making Me Dizzy

Chanel Le Vernis Vertigo Is Making Me Dizzy

Chanel Le Vernis Vertigo

Whoa. Just, whoa. Vertigo is a gorgeous Chanel nail polish in every possible way. Colour – the perfect not quite black but not grey so lets call it “light black”, with the famous Chanel hidden shimmer. And the shimmer is a soft purple! Again, the shimmer is hidden, is doesn’t really show on the nails but by being there adds a subtle tone that adds a dimension to the colour. Yes, it’s a cream, but it’s rich and not remotely “flat”. The formula- perfection! I got full coverage in, wait for it, one coat!

photo 2

photo 3

When I first saw Vertigo I thought it was similar to Paradoxal and that I didn’t need it. Silly me. Of course, Paradoxal is much more grey with the purple tone being a little more obvious. Vertigo is perfect if you want a dark nail, but don’t want a vampy red and aren’t ready to commit to black. Verdict? Love.

vertigo movie poster alfred hitchcock

Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in Vertigo is available at Chanel counters and boutiques, as well as online 

Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy Is Gorgeous!

Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy Is Gorgeous!

I couldn’t really think of any other title for this post because Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy from their Fall 2012 collection is beyond beautiful. Just gorgeous! It is the perfect grey-ish nude, with a gentle lilac tone that keeps it from being too pasty or chalky. I feel like it could work with many skintones, as it is warm and cool at the same time. Genius tone, as only Chanel can do. I wanted to post when I had photos of two coats, but this manicure from last Friday is only NOW showing tip wear. I used one coat of Witchcraft as a base coat (my poor nails have been peeling like cray) and one coat of Deborah Lippmann Addicted To Speed as a top coat. Plus time at the cottage and washing dishes at home (my dishwasher broke) and at the cottage. Seriously- I am amazed at the longevity of this. So I will do another post when I do two coats, and perhaps a pedi to go with, as I could not resist the stunning magenta Chanel Le Vernis Suspicious, which is also from the Fall 2012 Collection. Ahhhh….love. I looked at the dark colour from the collection, Vertigo, which is a charcoal grey with invisible shimmer. Sort of like Paradoxal without the shimmer. Not sure if I need it….

This is outside in overcast light


Taken inside in direct natural light

2 coats of Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy in my house, diffused light

Chanel Frenzy is ready to party!

Nice shot of Frenzy in daylight, 2 coats. Teaser shot of Chanel Le Vernis Suspicious on toes…more magenta in real life…

Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy is available at most Chanel counters in North America, although not all have the Fall 2012 Collection in stock yet. It was not available on their website at the time this was published.

Steel Yourself For This Beautiful Chanel Polish

Steel Yourself For This Beautiful Chanel Polish

My amazing Chanel Fairy gifted me with the pretty much unobtainable Chanel Steel and Strong from the Chanel Soho Collection in Fall 2010. She has a knack for tracking these beauties down and for that, I am eternally grateful!
This colour is rich and heavy, and makes me think of those magnetic hematite stones. I feel strong when I wear it. And of course, it is Chanel so the formula is like buttah to apply, I usually just use one coat with some Seche Vite (don’t have this? You need it…) on top. I find darker frosts tend to dull so I re-apply a top coat daily or every other day to keep the shine up.
Natural light
I would have to say Steel is my favourite grey/black nail colour. It has the magical Chanel micro-glitter which is to say, it is practically invisible making it elegant and grown up but still fun. Chanel uses their frost and glitter to add dimension to a colour, not to sparkle up the town Ke$ha style- which is ok, if you like that kind of thing- and that suits me perfectly. For me to wear an almost black nail I need something to make it less stark and dark. The grey-ish blue micro glitter in Steel add that little something. It’s a fun colour, kind of a bad ass colour, and it looks as terrific with monochromatic business casual as it does with jeans and biker boots. Loving it!
What is your favourite black/pseudo black nail colour?