Dove Soap For Hands And Body

Dove Soap For Hands And Body

If you read DalyBeauty regularly you know I am huge fan of Dove soap. I love the feel, the smell and how it makes my skin feel after using it. I use it on my face, it removes make up perfectly and doesn’t irritate my sensitive acne-prone skin. But I basically use it for my entire self as well.

Dove Soap lather

Dove as hand soap is perfect, as it is a thorough yet gentle cleanser that removes all the yuck from your hands, while leaving your skin soft. It removes the dirt of the day, as well as any food odours. My sensitive nose cannot deal with food odours on my hands. Even if I love the food, I don’t want to smell onions/garlic/cumin etc on my hands. Dove soap with a soft nail brush and ta-da! my hands are perfectly clean. One can use Dove beauty bar multiple times a day as well without drying out the skin. I loathe hand sanitizers and don’t believe that germ-killing is the way to nirvana. I just want to have clean hands. Dove is perfect for it. It’s a super creamy and emollient soap, so a soap dish is a MUST, or it will make a mess of your sink. I like finding cool and pretty small bowls or saucers to put next to my sink to hold my Dove Beauty Bar. The kind of bowls/saucers that I buy ,then toss in a cupboard, never to be seen or used again. Unless of course, the Queen comes for tea and I need a tiny plate for biscuits. Until then, they hold my Dove Beauty Bar.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.10.24

Who needs body/shower gel? Ok, just kidding, as I have hundreds of them, but one of my favourite shower cleansers is good old Dove soap. Add a shower puff, some warm water, and you have hands full of soft, white yummy and clean smelling lather. I use to shave my legs and underarms as well, as it is always soft and never drying. I notice my skin is softer and smells wonderful after a head to toe lather with Dove soap, and it is one of the only scented products I do not tire of. Perhaps because it is so gentle and fleeting on the skin. I even use Dove Beauty Bar to clean my make up brushes. It leaves them soft, clean and with a gentle fresh scent.


My girlfriend takes her Dove Beauty Bar with her when she travels. It’s amazing, because it instantly makes your hotel shower smell like home. I’ve started doing the same! I wish there was a body lotion/hand cream/perfume that had the exact scent of Dove – do you know of any, dear reader? It’s such a clean comforting scent.

Different Kinds of Cleansers And Why I Like Them All. Bulletin: My Skin Is Fickle

Different Kinds of Cleansers And Why I Like Them All. Bulletin: My Skin Is Fickle

I recently got an email asking me which cleanser I might recommend for someone with combination skin. She did not want a cleanser that would dry the skin, and is using retinols on her skin. That got me to thinking about the cleansers in my life. I use lots anti-aging stuff on my face, and also have oily/combination skin. I tend to hop from brand to brand, trying the latest and greatest, but I do have my faves.

Dove Soap lather

First, there is my fave Dove Beauty Bar. I often use this in the morning to wake up my skin. It’s gentle and does not dry my skin at all. You can read my review here.

avene cleansing foam dalybeauty

I also like a gentle foaming cleanser. These are usually in pump bottle, and produce a soft bubbly foam that is gentle on the skin, but gives it a thorough cleansing. I find them great for removing make up and oil as they give a clean feeling, but not a tight dry feeling. Lately I have been loving Avène Cleansing Foam  as it’s designed for skin tends to shine, yet doesn’t strip the skin or irritate it. It is soap free, and has glutamic acid to control sebum and purify the pores. It does have moisturizing properties as well as the famous Avène thermal spring water which iss soothing and non-irritating. A 150ml bottle is around $20.


I recently got a sample of Avène Cleanance Cleansing Water, which is a micellar cleanser. I still can’t get my head around using only this to remove make up, but I do like it to refresh my skin in the morning and wipe away the shine before applying my potions and lotions. It doesn’t seem to be on their website yet so I guess watch for it where Avène is sold or online. So far it’s the nicest micellar cleanser I’ve tried. I like and trust the Avène line for my skin as well. Again, hard to find shopping info on this but a 400ml bottle is around $20.

skinceuticals purifying gel cleanser

Then, when I feel I need to deep clean and purify my pores, I like a gel cleanser. It should come as no surprise that I love Skinceuticals Purifying Gel Cleanser (here is the link for finding Skinceuticals in Canada) as much as I do. It is pretty much scent free, and while it does lather a bit, it’s not a big soapy lather. It purifies and has glycolic acid for deep cleaning those pores and mild exfoliation. One of the things I like about Skinceuticals Purifying Gel Cleanser is that even though it deeps cleans and makes my pores feel squeaky clean, it still doesn’t make my skin feel dry or stripped. It is perfect for me when my skin is feeling oily (hormones, anyone?), when I happen to be wearing more make up than usual, or in hot sticky weather. It does not irritate my skin at all, and actually is one of the gentlest cleansing products I own. I will always have this in my routine. A 240ml bottle is around $32 and a little goes a long way.

Nivea q10 cleansing lotion dalybeauty

And then there is the creamy cleanser category. If you read my blog you know I am a lover of Nivea (the feel! the scent!) and I recently got some Nivea Q10 Plus Cleansing Milk. And – I love it! Those of us with oilier skin can be worried about applying a creamy product to our face anytime, let alone when cleansing. But, the bottle says “effectively cleanses and purifies skin” so I thought I’d give it a try. The instructions are to apply to your face, cleanse, then rinse with water, so you know right away this isn’t an old fashioned heavy cold cream, as it emulsifies and rinses with just water. What I like to do if I happen to be wearing more make up than usual, is to apply it, then take a clean face cloth soaked in warm water, and gently soak and wipe the cleanser away. Nivea Q10 Plus Cleansing Milk has such a lovely spa-like scent to it, and then using the warm cloth pressed into my skin- ahhhh it just feels so luxe and wonderful. My skin feels lovely and clean and without a hint of dryness. It also does not break me out at all or irritate in the slightest. Nivea is available at drugstores and a 200ml bottle is around $10.

So there you have it. I have, use and love all of the products above. I might as well mention cleansing wipes that I use for travel, but that’s a whole other post.

What are you favourite cleansers? Do you prefer gels, foams or creams?

My Skincare Routine Is Easy & Effective: Video Post

My Skincare Routine Is Easy & Effective: Video Post

I’ve had many requests to share my skincare routine. I know I review lots of individual products, but I thought I would let you what I use in the morning and at night, why I use them, and what they do. I hope you enjoy the video, it’s over ten minutes long but I manage to squeeze tons of info in! Seriously, it takes a lot of stuff to look this natural. KIDDING.

Products not linked below are going to be reviewed in the near future.

Links for products mentioned:

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Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel

Dove Beauty Bar

Vichy ProEVEN

Shiseido Benefiance

Thayers Rosewater

La Roche Posay Ceralip

Please let me know if you have any questions about the products or my routine, or, if you have requests for posts!






Yeah, That’s Right. I’m Washing My Face With Dove Soap.

Yeah, That’s Right. I’m Washing My Face With Dove Soap.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Oh, how I love  Dove Beauty Bar. I love the way it smells, the way it looks, and the soft fluffy clean lather I get from it. Many years ago I owned a home cleaning business (one of our city’s first environmentally friendly services…) and I learned something very interesting from my employees. Our clients that had Dove soap in their showers had the cleanest showers. Cleaner tiles, cleaner glass and fixtures. No gross white build-up at all. So, you know those ads that show a Dove soap user vs a regular soap user looking at the white dusty soap build up on a tile and wishing it wasn’t on their skin? That, dear readers, is truth in advertising. Then, when I worked in real estate, I noticed that homes with Dove soap in their bathrooms smelled amazing and clean. That fresh Dove scent. And of course, I used it on my daughters when they were little. Frankly, I can’t recall the last time I had any other bar soap in my house.  I even use old fashioned soap dishes in my bathrooms and have only Dove soap for washing my hands. When my hands need to be clean, after a day out or cooking, nothing makes them cleaner or smell better than Dove. I keep extra Dove soaps stored in my drawers and linen cupboard, and usually have a bar or two in my closets as well. Yes, I love the scent that much.

So, I decided to try an experiment. After falling in love with the dangerously expensive La Mer The Foaming Cleanser, I wondered if I hit the other end of the price spectrum and get decent results. After all, my skin feels soft and amazing after using Dove in the shower ( I lather it up on a puff and Dove myself head-to-toe) is there any reason why it wouldn’t clean the skin on….my face? I can hear the gasps – a $3 Dove soap? To clean the $70 Cle de Peau concealer off my face? Yes, gentle readers, that is what I did. Turns out my oily skin is loving the Dove treatment. It lathers up beautifully, and that soft cushy soapy lather rinses away beautifully, leaving my skin clean and not dry or tight at all.  As much as I love the dermalogical faves like Cetaphil and Spectra-Gel, they actually don’t do a good job of removing make up. They clean bare skin well, but don’t go very far in the removal of “stuff” on the skin. So, Dove soap, to clean my face, twice a day, at morning and night. My skin feels looks lovely, and feels soft. It’s only been a week, but so far I am sold on it and loving this experiment. So is my wallet.

Do any of you use Dove soap to clean your face? Or, any other tried and true old faves?