SpaRitual Inhale Collection "Harmony"

SpaRitual Nourishing Vegan Colour Inhale Collection & Passionfruit Agave Skincare

I’ve been meaning to explore the SpaRitual line. Many cruelty-free blogger friends of mine love this line and I’ve been so curious. The SpaRitual Inhale Collection appealed to me – soft fluffy pastel neutrals? Yes please. SpaRitual introduces Nourishing Vegan…

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4 Natural Alternatives To Retinol That Won’t Make Your Face Hurt

  Ah retinol. Loved by many, including doctors, for it’s abilities to make skin cells turn over and make faces baby soft, kill acne and smooth out pores and wrinkles. Retinol is hated by many, including me, because it is…

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6 Natural Perfumes You Have To Try Now

I love little bottles of perfume that fit perfectly in my purse. I also love perfume oils that apply with a roller ball. Oil perfumes applied to pulse points keep your perfume soft and personal, and even more so when they…

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All The Beauty You Need: NARS Survival Kits (Nordstrom Exclusives)

This summer, NARS introduces three limited edition Survival Kits featuring François Nars’ hand-selected makeup essentials. Survive the summer with these curated sets which have cult classics like Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer to new favorites including Audacious Mascara and Party Girl Lip Gloss…

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Prim Botanicals Review: Prim, But Not Always Proper

Oooh I love this line. I could almost just leave it at that because sometimes the pure and simple things in life are just enough and all one needs. I love Prim Botanicals The Body Oil and I love Prim…

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Clean Skincare You Need To Try Now: Sahajan Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care

If you are looking to green up your skincare, a skincare line that uses Ayurvedic theories and natural ingredients is a terrific way to start. Founded by the beautiful Lisa Mattam, born from a desire to put only gentle and…

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Bella Aura Skin review dalybeauty

Skincare That’s Simple, Luxurious And Effective: Bella Aura

I recently had the opportunity to experience a new natural skincare line called Bella Aura. This Canadian line is the ultimate in luxury niche beauty, using the “finest natural ingredients in the world”. Bella Aura was created by Yasmine Jones, who…

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RMS Beauty & Putting Good Stuff On My Face

I love makeup – all makeup! Natural, not natural, fancy and expensive, simple and expensive, cheap and cheerful etc etc. As much as I may love all of the things, my skin does not always love all of the things….

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W3LL PEOPLE Beauty Makes Me Feel Like The Natural Woman I Am

I will admit to having some reservations regarding natural beauty products. I am luxury lover, and until recently, at least in Canada, natural beauty was more backyard than luxurious. That, my friends, is old fashioned thinking. The past decade has…

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Nudestix And My Half Empty Make Up Bag

Have you heard of the latest thing that is changing the landscape of how we think about makeup? Nudestix has streamlined the beauty process and the products that make it up. Not only that, but the founder, Jenny, is brilliant (chemical…

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