Beautiful Beauty Blog Round Up

Oh my, there is some lovely holiday weekend beauty reading in the round up this week! Settle in and enjoy some delicious beauty news. Happy holiday, whichever you may be celebrating.
Sabrina is a lucky gal. She spent time with Edward Bess at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills! Her husband even commented on her glamorous makeup when she got home. Go see what Edward selected for her at The Beauty Look Book.
Charlestongirl at Best Things in Beauty was one happy Giorgio Armani Beauty fan! She bought two of the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Mediterranean Eye Palettes for summer – officially hoarding it.
Guerlain has introduced its Inca Collection, and Amy had the scoop on the exquisite Terra Inca Bronzer at Café Makeup. Even the packaging is a stunner.
Check out BeautyXposé for Anne’s take on LORAC’s Summer 2011 TANTalEYES Palette. It comes with an illuminating body bronzer too – a beauty deal you will covet.
Kari showed us a way to rid our skin of sun damage and age spots with PMD Microderm. Find out how to blast away discoloration at Fab over Forty.
Good books about beauty are rare. Gaia was enthralled with the new one from François Nars. Find out why you need it too at The Non-Blonde.
Debbi found a miraculous hair product, TRESemme’s Climate Protection Mousse. It adds body and shine and de-frizzes for only $3.50 a can! Intrigued? Head over to DivaDebbi.
Check out my instant hair fix: Batiste Dry Shampoo. She told us at Daly Beauty how she went from flat to feisty.
Product Girl’s Beauty VIP of the Week was Dr. Dennis Gross. Find out from Laurie why she likes Alpha Beta Glow Pads for the face.
If you want more wow, bang, and glam for your eyelashes, Kelly has a suggestion for you. Head over to Gouldylox Reviews to see Mally Beauty’s Ginormous Mascara in action.
More Linkles:
Feel like dipping your toe into the world of niche perfumery? Michelle at Beauty Editor has some pretty Spring scent suggestions.
I love home fragrance diffusers and the woodsy fig one Victoria reviews on Eau MG one sounds wonderful.
I *need* a pair of canvas wedges for Spring and Heart Charlie has some neat choices!
Flats are perfect for Spring, especially if one is shopping and putting some serious retail mileage on their footwear & Style Me Thrifty has some cute suggestions!
Goody Spirals into a Beautiful Bun

Goody Spirals into a Beautiful Bun

Hot on the heels of my Goody Modern Updo pin, Spin Pins (review coming soon) is the Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral pin, pictured above next to the mini Spin Pins. Isn’t it neat? It is so new and hot that it hasn’t even made it onto the Goody website yet or I would link to it J Anyhow, those of you with longish to long hair probably do a pony tail or the messy bun in an elastic band trick when you want your hair up. Fine and functional, but not really pretty. I love the look of a bun but find the struggle with bobby pins a bit much, and even if I buy some, I rarely have enough on hand to make a nice bun. It just feels, well, formal, and requires more work than I am up for.
I feel like Black Swan kicked off a ballet style fashion kick that I love. Soft and feminine without any of the countless hours of practice or sore toes. I covet the cashmere outfits that Natalie Portman wore and love the elegant look of the ballet bun. It showcases the neck, making it look long and, well, swan-like- in a good way not a crazy way. The bun is a perfect look coming into warmer weather and a stylish and chic way to deal with a bad hair day.
slightly messy with a rogue section but I love it!
So the Simple Styles Bun Spiral pin is super cool and makes a pretty bun a no brainer. The way I used it is to start with a pony tail, high up on the back of my head. Using a wide tooth comb or fingers I back comb the pony to give it some texture then twist loosely into a bun shape. I squish the bun through the Bun Spiral (with the red tips facing down) and twist and turn the pin clockwise until it hits scalp. It doesn’t pull or pinch and holds even my thick heavy mop in place. I suppose if I was plié-ing and pas-de-deux-ing around it might wiggle loose but for my purposes it works perfectly!
I can hardly believe I made this bun in less than 2 minutes!
One of my favourite things about the Simple Styles line is that they are metal. My hair is thick and I have lost track of the number of plastic hair accessories that have just snapped into pieces while I try to secure them in place. Not an issue with a solid metal piece, this will last forever. There is nothing to snag or pull on your hair so it is gentle and comfortable. Verdict? Love.
see how cute? easy to toss in my purse


As with all the Goody Simple Styles tools, this comes in light or dark colours to best compliment your hair, and in Canada is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart (where I got mine) for around $7. I saw them on sale for $2.99 at Shoppers last week though so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for deals. Have you tried the Goody Simple Styles tools?
Batiste Dry Shampoo Means Beautiful Hair Every Day

Batiste Dry Shampoo Means Beautiful Hair Every Day

This is a Public Service Announcement for those of you who don’t have Batiste Dry Shampoo spray in your bathroom cabinets. People! You are blow drying more than necessary! Put down that blow dryer and read on…

Dry shampoo sprays are everywhere now. Every hair product company seems to have one out these days, as I think we have finally realized our unhealthy obsession with washing our hair too much and how too much blow drying and straightening is bad for our hair. I frankly like slightly dirty hair as it styles better and looks more natural. But flat greasy hair is Not Good and a dry shampoo is a perfect solution. I have tried two kinds- a hair powder and a powdery spray. I prefer the spray as it allows more control of the product and you can direct it right at your roots where it is needed.  A nice wide pouffe of spray is also good as it covers more hair and is less concentrated in one area. This is a good thing because these are powdery products and overuse can give you whitish grey roots. Although for blondes, it really helps when those roots start to look darker when you haven’t shampooed.

Most dry shampoos range in price from around $7 (the WORST, TreSemme, made my hair look dirtier and smelled like plastic melons)-  to around $30 (Ojon and Oscar Blandi- good but not better than Batiste, why pay more?). I have wanted to review Batiste for awhile but wanted to try a few before doing so. I have tried around 7 of them and finally gave up. Not one was better than Batiste, and at around $8 I will happily stay with this one. It is an older product that has been around for “ages” but I couldn’t find out exactly when it was launched. I have contacted the company and hope to hear from them. The Original Batiste spray has a soft lemon scent (think Jean Nate) that disappears within minutes of application. The Blush is more floral but again, quite benign and doesn’t last long enough to interfere with any perfume you might be wearing. However they both are effective at making your hair smell and look clean and fresh. A great way to eliminate cooking smells as well.

One terrific added benefit of Batiste is that it adds texture and body/thickness to your hair. That 70s semi matte natural yet slightly big hair look that is everywhere this season is helped along wonderfully with Batiste!  The biggest proponent of Batiste is my daughter Emilie. She has fine silky gorgeous hair but an oily scalp that contributes to flat hair if not washed all. The. Time. I have seen her wash her hair twice a day because it make her so crazy. Since Batiste she can go three to four days. Seriously.

If you are like me, you spend time and/or money getting that gorgeous blow dry. And, I don’t have time to do that every morning. Grab yourself a cute vintage-y looking shower cap and leave that shampoo for another time! A few spritzes of Batiste and your hair is fresh as a daisy. Now go get some, you will thank me for it!

I got my Batiste at Shoppers Drug Mart but Sally Beauty has it and I have even seen it at Winners for $6.

Random Beautiful Thoughts…

Random Beautiful Thoughts…

Music: Well, its a pretty mainstream choice but right now I am thoroughly enjoying Adele. I “liked” her first cd and recognized her as quite the talent but “21” (also her age BELIEVE IT OR NOT) is transcendant. She writes songs with the feeling and intensity one would expect from a long lifetime of heartache. There is a mellow jazzy-y meets country vibe to her music that makes Adele’s 21 a perfect soundtrack for whatever you are doing. This particular video is a brilliant modern dance interpretation of this song by CaseyFord Alexander. LOVE

Book: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. This is her debut novel (2005) and is based on stories her father told her as a child…about Dracula. There is nothing cheesy or done-before about this book.  It is a terrific read and somewhat of a metaphor for evil deeds in history that cannot be undone, and the role of history, and how it is recorded for future generations. Her writing is wonderful and just draws you in. It is a dense and heavy book, both literally and figuratively, and I’ve picked it up to read twice and put it down again each time. This last time hooked me and I cannot put it down. Not light reading, yet it pulls you in as if someone was telling you a bedtime story you didn’t want to end…

Food: Well, I finally mastered a homemade peanut sauce! I adore spicy peanut sauce and have always been intimidated to try to make one. Thanks to my Dad’s recipe I have finally achieved it.  He is a mean cook, as long as there are no vegetables involved. I make sure to add the veggies as I love them, but they only serve to make his amazing recipes better. Here is his recipe, I added tons of different coloured peppers, onion, carrots,  and celery. The great thing about Dear Old Dad’s recipes is they take well to customization. Enjoy!

500g                          Ground pork (I used lean ground beef, you can add meat of your choice)

3 T                              Soya Sauce

2 T                              Dry Sherry or Saki

                                    Ground white pepper

2 T                              Oyster flavored sauce

4 T                              Peanut butter, chunky if available (I used smooth…yum)

1 T                              Rice vinegar

1¼ cups                     Chicken stock  (I was all out & used vegetable stock)

1 T                              Peanut oil

1 inch                        Fresh ginger root, minced

2 inches                     Leek, white part, chopped finely (I had no leeks…it was fine)

6                                 Medium garlic cloves, pressed

3/4 t                           Red chili flakes


1 t                               Sambal oelik (Chinese red chili sauce, Indonesian actually)

1 t                               Sesame oil

350 gm                      Dried noodles

3                                 Medium Scallions sliced thinly

1 cup                          Bean sprouts

1 t                               Sichuan  peppercorns, toasted & ground ( didn’t have these…seemed ok)

1) Combine pork, 1 t of the soy sauce, sherry and white pepper in small bowl, stir well and set aside. Whisk together oyster sauce, 2 t of soy sauce, peanut butter, vinegar, good pinch of white pepper in medium bowl. Whisk in chicken stock.

2) Bring 4 L water to a boil in large saucepan. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil separately.

3) Heat oil in nonstick pan, gently saute ginger, leek and garlic. Add pork and fry til cooked breaking it into small pieces. Add red pepper or sambal and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add peanut butter/chicken stock mixture; bring to a boil; reduce heaat to medium and simmer til reduced somewhat. Stir in sesame oil.

4) Add noodles to4L boiling water; cook until tender. Pour 2 cups boiling water over bean sprouts and leave for 1 minute.

5) Drain noodles and bean sprouts, ladle noodles into bowl, cover with bean sprouts, ladle ½ sauce over each bowl; sprinkle with scallions and ground Sichuan pepper corns; serve immediately.


Fashion: Ballet flats! These are simply something we cannot have enough of, and for me, soft pliable comfort and the perfect neutral tone is something I am constantly on the search for. Repetto have so far been my fave flats, the leather is like kid-glove leather so they end up fitting your foot like a glove, and I have yet to find a colour I like more than their soft metallic gold. What are your fave flats? Share!


Skincare du Jour: Thanks to Janine at Beautygeeks for introducing me to La Roche Posay Cicaplast. This is a miraculous healing cream/balm/lotion intended to heal post-chemical peel (ouch!) skin that I have been using for my blemishes (I try not to pick…I really do!), sunburn and any irritation or cut I have (bad cat!). It also works miracles on chapped lips when I use it at bedtime and let it soak in. This probably deserves it’s own post but I just had to share!


Perfume du Jour: It’s definitely a tie between two gorgeous new faves. I have been LOVING Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia– wow this is drop dead gorgeous with creamy white flowers that just wrap around you like pure silk. I also have the body lotion in this which I love to use on my hands at bedtime and to layer with the eau de parfum, it just makes it last longer. The other one is Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta. Ok. This line has several concentrations, Intenza, Essenza and Assoluta among them, and shopping for one can be “confusa” to quote my perfumista friend Kevin. Seriously. All I know is the Assoluta is the most floral of the collection- read a nice review here. Acqa di Parma is just your basic, classic eau de cologne and Assoluta is my personal favourite version. Refreshing, clean and gentle and totally unlike what I usually go for. Dane at Pere de Pierre laughed at the thought of me in such a butch scent but it is pretty, sexy and understated and works for me. Go figure!

Beautiful Beauty Blog Round Up

Spring fever has us bursting with beauty this week and some of the season’s hottest products are on our hit list as well as the beauty basics we all love….and need! See what the best beauty bloggers have to share with you.
While in Paris, Amy from Cafe Makeup has been tempting us with beautiful makeup like these new Dior Aurora Powder bronzers. Stunning!
Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews gives us a breath of fresh, spring air with the Bare Escentuals Naturally Luminous Kit.
A beauty book for women over 40 can be difficult to find. Kari at Fab Over Forty reviews a new book “Makeup for Ageless Beauty”.
With the influx of newly formulated lipsticks the last few weeks, Charlestongirl is sure to give us the details on them all. See Best Things in Beauty for her Guerlain Rouge Automatique review.
Rouge Coco Shine finally made its full-line debut this week. Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book shares with us the additional shades exclusive to Nieman Marcus.
Good makeup brushes can make all the difference on how your makeup looks. Gaia from The Non-Blonde has been sharing with us several brushes from her collection like this Hakuhodo eye shadow brush.
Jane from Daly Beauty  (thats me!) found a couple of eye creams that she finds pretty amazing. See what she loves about these Shiseido and RoC formulas.
Need to extend your hair color a bit? Debbi at DivaDebbi tested the newest product by Rita Hazan, colorist to Jennifer Lopez. Root Concealer may give you the results you want!
With spring, we like to think pink! Anne from Beauty Xposé is showing us some pretty in pink with Estee Lauder’s newest Pure Color formulas for lips and nails.
Rescue Beauty Lounge has a new Spring Collection of nail colors called Iconic Ironic. Carla from Product Girl tests and swatches these beauties for us.
Some more beauty goodness I just have to share:
Jonesy Loves has some sweet perfume & candle recos for us…these are grown up ladylike and elegant  sweet, I’m craving them too!
My daughter turned me on to this blog- Heart Charlie embraces a cool and casual chic style that I love, taking our old basic faves & making them au courant, like the ubiquitous denim shirt…
The wonderful Beauty Editor has some amazing pics for spring…a Holy Grail serum, “chocolate” body oils, nail polish- OH MY!
Beautybets has a fantastic DIY rosewater toner recipe I know I am going to try out…
RoC & Shiseido – Easy On The Eyes

RoC & Shiseido – Easy On The Eyes

I am constantly on a search for the perfect eye cream. One issue is that the creams target wrinkles often have harsh and somewhat drying ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid, and the creams that offer creamy plumpling moisture do nothing to erase lines. The former can make the skin a bit dry & don’t make a good base for make up, and the latter offer results only while they are on the skin and not for very long at that. Well, I have decided that two creams are what I need in my mission to eliminate or at least reduce fine lines and crows feet.
RoC MULTI CORREXION™ Eye Treatment is fantastic and I am already noticing a smoothing of the fine laugh lines next to my eyes. I use it at night only, as I was finding my skin got a bit sensitive and tender when using it twice a day. That tells me that the retinol in the product is potent and is doing what it should. However, sore or sensitive skin should be listened to so I backed off the two times a day and just use it at night.  The main ingredients are pure RoC®RETINOL ( a vitamin A retinol) which smoothes wrinkles and complements skin’s renewal process. The skin powerhouse, Vitamin C, helps rejuvenate skin tone and add radiance. It also claims to help with circles but that is not a large issue for me so I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the product on that front. At any rate, this is the first eye cream I have used that I plan to repurchase. Trust me, that is saying a lot.
For soft, moisturized and dewy skin around my eyes, my new lifesaver is the cult favourite, Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. The ingredients are along the lines of  a plumping hyaluronic acid and sea algae (the magic La Mer ingredient) and it is in the most rich and luxe creamy base. It seems to have long term benefits as well as my skin is feeling better after using it for a few weeks. It feels lovely going on the skin and sinks in enough to make eye make up not melt right off. I apply this on top of the RoC at bedtime and on it’s own in the morning. This is Holy Grail status stuff and I cannot imagine being without it. I only wish I’d found it earlier in the winter when everything dehydrates and turns to dust.
we like dewy skin…
So for now my eye cream quest has quieted, and I am quite happy with my discoveries. What are your fave eye treatments, and what are your main eye area skincare concerns?
RoC is available at most drugstores. The Multi Correxion Eye Cream is under $30. Shiseido is available at department stores, Murale & Sephora. The Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is around $60.

Beautiful Beauty Blog Round Up

Spring has sprung!
April is here, and so is Spring beauty…this was a good week for beauty, from Spring’s daffodils to our pursuit of the latest and greatest beauty products. Come along with us on a spring tour.
Gaia at The Non-Blonde showed us La Prairie’s gorgeous Quiet Berry Cellular Luxe Lip Colour – a shade that will flatter many of us. We also got a peek at Quiet Plum.
Amy continues to dazzle us with features from Paris. This week, she showed us Dior’s Mitzah Collection at Café Makeup.
Sabrina’s jaw dropped when she saw the new Dior Addict collection. Definitely check in at The Beauty Look Book to find out what’s new.
See more of Dior Addict at Fab over Forty! Kari showed the lineup – one your going to love.
There was a new eye shadow alert at Best Things in Beauty. Charlestongirl introduced us to YSL Beauté’s Metal Eyes Collection – Pure Chromatics Wet and Dry Eye Shadows.
Puredistance 1, a “serious perfume” has been well received by the perfume world. Jane was smitten too. Head over to Daly Beauty to find out why.
Who doesn’t love a sale? Chelsea gave us the 411 on Ulta’s sale, with some recommendations. Pop over to BeautyXposé to see some makeup you should consider.
Kelly is fearless. She tried an intense pulsed light treatment. Find out how she fared at Gouldylox Reviews.
Want to see another alternative to the knife? How about chin exercises. Debbi at DivaDebbi swears they work.
Like those classy high-shine nails? Take a look at the China Glaze Island Escape Collection with Carla at Product Girl.
Have we tempted you?

Puredistance 1 Is A Rich Floral Beauty

As a lover of floral scents I knew I had to try the Puredistance house.  They may at first seem ridiculously exclusive and that they are taking themselves far too seriously. I mean, the Crystal Column alone is enough to make one shake their head and say WUT.  The perfume comes in an elegant glass tube, which I quite like, but there is a holder available- from their website, “Limited Edition Crystal Column ‘Clear Crystal & Gold’ (no perfume spray included)

A timelessly beautiful accessory designed to hold a Puredistance Perfume Spray, this jewel is made with great craftsmanship by Swarovski exclusively for Puredistance. The column is handmade and only obtainable in limited numbers. A serial number is engraved making each piece unique.” This can be yours for $2,270 US. Don’t worry though, you can get one without the gold for $1670 US. I’m saying this tongue in cheek, of course. Some people take their beautiful perfume very seriously, and having a precious vessel to protect their gorgeous product makes perfect sense. Luxury is luxury, and as the French proverb says, ” It is impossible to overdo luxury”. The presentation of this line is nothing short of gorgeous, and if elegant is what you are looking for, well, Puredistance is your line.
It all seems a bit much, yet I was quite hopeful based on the provenance of this Dutch company. The perfumer, Annie Buzantian, is responsible for such perfumes as Estee Lauder Pleasures and Sensuous, which are both lovely perfumes, Pleasures being an Estee Lauder Groundbreaker as far as genres go. She also created Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise, which I really liked, one of the clean green & ever so slightly floral scents I love so much. Ms. Buzantian has an experienced, discerning nose and created the Puredistance line for herself, holding nothing back, sparing no expense and going for unabashed luxury.
But, no worries dear reader. Upon first sniff of Puredistance 1, I knew I was dealing with A Serious Perfume.  Vienna-based niche brand Puredistance launched their first perfume, Puredistance 1, in 2008, and it was billed as “the world’s most exclusive fragrance concept”. One of the world’s most exclusive fragrances, Puredistance 1 was created (initially as her own, Private Masterpiece) by renowned Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian in New York: understated elegance in its purest form.

 It is classified as an Oriental Floral and here are the ingredients as listed on the Puredistance website: Fresh Tangerine Blossom, Cassis, Neroli Bigarade, Magnolia, Rose Wardia, Jasmine, Natural Mimosa, Sweet Amber, Vetiver, White Musk. It is a true perfume extrait which is why it is only available in 17.5 vials. It is rich and concentrated and a teensy drop is all you need.
This is a rich perfume that calls for a light hand. There is a touch of oddness in the slightly ozonic notes but these notes serve to fill the perfume with an airy float-y feeling. The fruity top notes are chewy and delicious and slowly fade into the background while the rich creamy floral notes begin to glow. Again, this is Perfume, and if you are looking for something light and fluffy, then move on, Puredistance is for someone able to wear Perfume with a capital P. Again, the odd ozonic notes keep the floral and fruity notes from becoming unbearably sweet. Like a fresh breeze blown through a dense bouquet. The elegant dry down of green vetiver and amber is slow to appear and settles into the skin like a powder. The musk I smell is only in hints, and it is teeny hints of a slightly dirty musk, which only serves to add a grown up and sensual feeling to this scent. It lasts forever on me and only gets richer and prettier as time goes by.
Puredistance has been very well received by the perfume world of reviewers and one can read glowing reviews all over the internet by people who know this craft much better than I. The presentation of the perfume vial is so gorgeous, with the vial resting in a leather satin lined box protecting the precious liquid gold, making this an idea special occasion gift. In my opinion this would make a stunning and perfect wedding scent/gift. Next, I have to try Puredistance Antonia. It sounds divine…

Puredistance perfumes and accessories are available on their website e-store