Arquiste Fleur de Louis Perfume- Royal Scent of Peace

Arquiste Fleur de Louis Perfume- Royal Scent of Peace

I was quite keen to try this perfume from the Arquiste line. Arquiste is a niche perfume house from New York, started by Carlos Huber, an architect specializing in historic restoration. The idea he had was to create perfumes that transport the wearer to evocative moments in history. He hires different perfumers, or “noses”, to create the scents. The perfumer he chose to create Fleur de Louis, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, has a very impressive list of scents in his resume , notably Tom Ford Neroli Portofino & Donna Karan Black Cashmere.

Arquiste Fleur de Louis was created to evoke the time in history, around 1660, when a marriage was arranged between Louis XIV and Maria Theresa, the Infanta of Spain. This marriage was a clause in the Treaty of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, to ensure peace between their countries. An island in the Basque region of France, Bidassoa, was declared neutral, and the prince met his bride there. They were later married in St Jean de Luz. I was amazed to read this story, as St Jean de Luz is a special place for my family. We have spent many happy times there over the years, and have attended incredible concerts in the church. We have also driven past the island on our way to Spain, noting that the young couple met there so many centuries ago. I have great love and affection for the Basque region, it’s people and it’s beautiful countryside and beaches, and many happy memories of times spent with my children on the beach in St Jean de Luz.

The church is on the left, on the walking street in St Jean de Luz, on our way to dinner….

So, Fleur de Louis has simple lovely notes that, if you close your eyes and inhale, make you think you could be standing on the shoreline of the river watching the young royals meet for the first time. From the Arquiste website:

“To ensure peace between them, two Royal Courts converge at a richly-appointed pavilion built of freshly cut Pine and Cedar wood. From the French side, in a golden aura of Iris, Rose and Jasmine, emerges a young Louis XIV, all starched and composed, eager to catch a glimpse of his new bride, the Infanta Maria Teresa…”

St Jean de Luz beach at sunset, with Pyrenees mountains in the distance…the view from our balcony.

So the simply lovely notes of iris, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, white pine and cedar make Fleur de Louis an elegant and classic beauty. The florals are beautifully blended and quite soft, with a gentle woodsy musk in the drydown. It wears as a sweet skin scent, and I think it would appeal to a lover of soft florals. The Arquiste bottles are elegant and modern, yet have a classical feel to the script. They have a lovely weight to them, and would look elegant on any nightstand. I plan to review a few more….

Arquiste perfumes are available at select Holt Renfrew stores in Canada. You can find a local stockist here, or shop online.

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil For Silky, Touchable Tresses

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil For Silky, Touchable Tresses

I love oils- skin oils, hair oils….I love the idea of a product that sinks in, gives immediate results and nourishes the body and mind. Therapeutic oils usually smell wonderful, and if they don’t, well, I don’t want to use them. Aroma M knows scent well- as a matter of fact she has a gorgeous line of perfumes, her Geisha line. Why I don’t have a bottle of Geisha Blanche yet is a mystery. Must fix that. Her whole delicate and beautiful aesthetic is so lovely and soothing. Even the packaging is thoughtful and pretty. Back to her oils.

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil is based on, well, camellia oil. From  her site:

“Camellia oil softens, nourishes and restores health and sheen to hair damaged by heat, colorants and perms. It prevents breakage and split ends, softens scalp and relives itchiness due to dryness, allergies or dandruff. It is believed that camellia oil will increase hair growth, making it fuller and healthier in just a few weeks, even restoring color to the first white hair. It transforms dry, brittle, neglected hair into gleaming strands. It provides vitamins and nutrients that can strengthen hair and to prevent damage and split ends. Camellia oil, also known as tea seed oil, contains a high amount of natural vitamin E, essential for healthy hair and quick hair growth.”

Who doesn’t want all of these benefits in a hair treatment? I sure do. I highlight my hair, which dries it out, and my hair is quite long, which means the ends of the hair can get dry as well. I’ve used many oils, and I’ve tossed many products than claim to be oils but that are actually just bottles of silicone. To be fair, silicone can temporarily improve the appearance of your hair, but it does not actually have any benefits other than how it looks. And, it also builds up and needs to be stripped out on a regular basis, and can block actual conditioners from reaching the hair shaft, which can in the end dry out your hair even more. So I was quite excited to try Aroma M’s Camellia Hair Oil and it has so far garnered impressive results.

Even in idea conditions, my hair is thick with a somewhat coarse texture. Getting to behave and taming the mane can be a challenge at the best of times. I rarely even blow dry it, as even the slightest hint of humidity makes it pouffy, and if I’ve wrestled the wave out of it with a brush and blow dryer, pouffe without wave just looks awful. Ladies- there is a lesson here. Fight your hair’s texture at your peril. It has taken me many years & many bad hair days to learn to work with my hair’s natural texture and tendencies. So to wear it wavy, I still want it to be soft and smooth, without being flat, greasy or limp.

camellia white flower

White Camellia flower

I applied a bit of Aroma M Camellia Oil to my damp hair, after taking it out of the towel I leave it in for a few minutes after my shower, and before applying any styling products. I rubbed the oil between my palms to warm and distribute it evenly, then gently pulled it though my hair from around my temples down. I was very careful not to use it close to my roots, as I did not want to get them greasy, but instead stayed close to my dry ends. I used around half a teaspoon’s worth, and to be honest, I should have used less. Considering how much hair I have, that is saying a lot. This oil is rich and concentrated, and truly, a little goes a long way. My hair is silky soft, and shiny, with no frizzy or coarse ends. It smells soft and gently herbal but the best part is the hint of tuberose oil. Wow. It is very subtle, and I have to stuff my hair under my nose to smell it, and that is only while wet. The scent dissipates, and to be honest, I wish a bit of that delicious tuberose remained! I am obsessed with the idea of hair perfume.  But, that is not what Aroma M Camellia Oil promises. It does all kinds of good healing stuff, and I plan to give myself a scalp massage with it before my next shampoo. I also plan to try a more intensive treatment, perhaps applying it to my hair before bedtime and letting it sink in before shampooing. Verdict: LOVE! I can’t imagine getting through winter and our drying central heating without this lovely oil!

Aroma M Camellia Hair Oil is available on Aroma M’s site for $65 for a 40ml bottle

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color & Sheer Color Lip Gloss – Pink Popsicle Lips!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color & Sheer Color Lip Gloss – Pink Popsicle Lips!

I’m always drawn to the Bobbi Brown counter. Everything is so lovely and wearable, especially for those of us who like our make up on the natural neutral side of things. The textures are lovely, the smell is just right (or non existant) and the packaging is clean and modern. I was kind of excited to try her new Creamy Matte Lip Color (using the US spelling of “color” as that is how BB is spelling it…) as once again, the shades looked so wearable and, well, pretty. I have been obsessing about a raspberry lip colour and had planned on buying Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Popsicle- it really is the perfect shade of raspberry! But then I tried Creamy Matte Lip Color in True Pink and was sold.

The texture is, well, creamy and matte. I would not recommend applying this right from the lipstick itself as you would a regular lipstick. It’s very thick and concentrated, and works best applied with a brush, or even fingers. What I love about it is that it takes on the look of a stain- but again, only if applied with a light hand. If you lips are the dry or flaky, do not use this lipstick until you have exfoliated and moisturised those babies! I love the subtle shot of colour Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color gives you when worn alone, and the lovely punch of colour when you wear it under Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Popsicle! The soft pretty pink is fun, pretty and flattering.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in True Pink, in daylight near a window

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Popsicle on top of Creamy Matte in True Pink

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color ($24) and Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Popsicle ($23) are available at Bobbi Brown counters and online.

Nuxe Prodigieux le Parfum – As Perfect As The Oil

Nuxe Prodigieux le Parfum – As Perfect As The Oil

I will start this by telling you I had a dear friend mule this perfume over from France for me- as far as I know it’s not available in North America. I’ve inquired with Nuxe but have heard nothing back yet- I will update this post if I do. Update: I have been informed that The New London Pharmacy in NYC carries this perfume! It is not on their website but if you aren’t in NYC and can’t pop in, just give them a call! It’s a terrific shop!

Anyways, if you are a fan of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, then you will love Nuxe Parfum le Prodigieux. They have reproduced the scent perfectly, right down to the soft scent of the oil itself. The base of the Huile Prodigieuse has an earthy musky scent- very very soft, but sexy- and the perfume has managed to capture that delicate scent along with the beautiful florals that we love so much. It’s interesting, as usually a perfume that smells amazing spawns the scented ancillary products that come after a successful perfume launch. Nuxe has been beloved by French women (and women around the world) because the oil is amazing and effective at moisturising hair and skin, and because it smells so damn good. It smells like gentle orange blossom and gardenia with only the softest undertones of coconut and vanilla. There are other notes mentioned but those are the ones that really count. Also interesting that the perfumer who worked on the scent for the Huile Prodigieuse is the same one who created Prodigeux le Parfum. It is so soft, gentle and smells as wonderful as the oil. And, like the oil it does not overwhelm and settles onto the skin like a ray of sun on the beach in France. Really. I would never lie to you.

Verdict? Love. I wish I could tell you it’s easier to get but as you probably know, the hunt is the best part, and we often desire most what is hardest to get our hands on. Here is a tip for you- this amazing woman, Suzan, has a business called Shop France, and for a modest fee, will bring back whatever delicious French goodies your heart desires. You’re welcome.

EDIT: You can buy Nuxe Parfum Prodigieuse in the United States! Just contact New London Pharmacy in New York City at or call them toll free (from within the US) at 1.800.941.0490  or outside the US at:


Be Soft & Yummy With Lovefresh Sugarscrub & Lotion

Be Soft & Yummy With Lovefresh Sugarscrub & Lotion


Goodness knows, I love to moisturize. There are bottles of lotions and potions in every room of the house, in my car, in my purse etc. and I’m rubbing cream on my skin all day long. Pro Tip: in order to maximize your moisture and make the most of whatever lotion or potion you are putting on the skin, one must exfoliate. Best to exfoliate in the shower, then gently blot skin dry and then apply your potion of choice, letting it sink in while you do the rest of your toilette. As you can imagine, I have lots of different scrubs and mits in my arsenal to take care of any dry skin that might be under the impression I want it around. One of my faves right now, is the Lovefresh Sugar Scrub. It’s a yummy scrub in several scents – I have Vanilla, which is lovely for cooler weather- and it’s based on a sugar and shea butter base. Lovefresh is a fun Canadian line using all-natural products which are as luxurious as they are healthy and good for the skin. Also- it was created by a certified aromatherapist, so you can be sure it will smell good.

Lovefresh Sugar Scrub has a fine gritty texture that just feels fresh on the skin, so you really feel your skin getting smoother as you rinse it away. Yet it’s soft and gentle enough not to irritate the skin. It is AMAZING on knees and elbows, and anywhere you want your skin to feel smooth and silky. But, the best part must be due to the shea butter. It actually leaves your skin with a slight glowy sheen of moisture after you scrub. So if you are very careful as you blot dry, you don’t even need to apply lotion! Amazing, I know, and I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Of course, my daughter loves it, as she isn’t keen on applying lotion after her shower but doesn’t want to have dry skin either.


Now, I do have some Lovefresh Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine Body Lotion as well, but I’ve been using it has a hand cream. I keep it next to my sink and use it every time I wash my hands. It has a soft gentle fruity scent and it rich enough to keep my cuticles soft and moisturized. I love that the scent is gentle enough to not interfere with my perfume, but just fresh and smells like clean skin. The natural scents used by Lovefresh means there no cloying synthetic headache-y perfumes. The Sugarscrub in Vanilla does smell sweet and edible, but it doesn’t linger too long on the skin. Just the way I like them. Verdict? I am loving Lovefresh and they make a perfect addition to my skincare routine. With the holidays coming, I think they will make perfect gifts (hostess gifts!) as well. The clean and simple packaging is sure to add a nice elegant touch to anyone’s bath.

How perfect is this hostess gift?


Lovefresh is available on their website and at these Canadian retailers.

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum- Perfume That Purrs

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum- Perfume That Purrs

I recently became obsessed with tuberose. It can be a challenging note in perfume. Keeping in mind that everyone wears perfume differently, and just because it smells awful on me, doesn’t mean it isn’t a gorgeous perfume. Like Robert Piguet Fracas, which is arguably the grande dame of tuberose perfumes. Oh, how I wish I could wear it. I fantasize about how beautiful it is and my bubble is popped every time I try it. I am holding out for the pure parfum extrait, as perhaps that is the version that will work for me. I adore Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, which is really mostly tuberose. It’s gorgeous and elegant but a little formal for every day wear, however it is perfect for occasions when I want to diva it up a little. Rawr.

Tuberose is a flower with an earthy and somewhat carnal scent to it. It was frequently the star of Victorian “Moon Gardens” which was usually made up of white flowers that release their intense fragrance after dark- popular so the sun-shunning Victorian ladies could keep their milky white complexions. It’s floral-heady-jasmine-orange- rubbery-fruity-lactonic-honeyed-indolic aroma is said to have powers to cure frigidity . Oh those naughty Victorians. They also believed that  tuberose signified dangerous and carnal pleasures, and young girls were warned against inhaling its aphrodisiac scent after dark, lest it lead them into trouble. No wonder I love it. Meow.

Heathcliff, driven mad by smelling my tuberose perfume in the moongarden….

I adore Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, another reference tuberose, but on my skin it is one of those perfumes that does. Not. Quit. It wants to wear me, settle into a chair in my house and stay awhile. That’s not how I like my perfume. I like it closer to the skin, as my readers likely know. Diptyque Do Son was one I wanted to revisist, as it is what I’d call a gentle less intense tuberose. I had tried Diptyque Do Son in the eau de toilette version several times. For some reason it didn’t stick, so I kept having to try it again. It never really  stuck with me, or impressed me enough to want to wear it But I knew I had to revisit it, and perhaps in my new found obsession with tuberose I would magically love it. Well, wouldn’t you know, the store I went to had a) no tester for Do Son and b) no eau de toilette in stock. They only had the recently released eau de parfum version of Do Son, which Diptyque describes as “A familiar yet reinvented interpretation, with accentuated, enhanced major notes… the Eau de Parfum expresses itself with even more personality, audacity, intensity and tenacity”. I get a little crazy when it comes to perfume and in a fit, I decided to just buy Do Son in eau de parfum – without even smelling it. Risky, I know, but that’s the Bond Girl in me. I leapt. And I’m glad I did. It is a gorgeous, sweet, musky tuberose, with some yummy fruity notes that play off the intense vibrating tuberose scent, calming it perfectly. It does stay close to the skin, but lasts quite a long time. It’s so rich and creamy and is officially My Favourite Perfume Right Now.

Verdict? I love it. It feels sexy, feminine and pretty, and is the kind of floral that will work in cool or warm weather. And it does purr on the skin.

Diptyque Do Son eau de parfum in the 75ml bottle is available on their website for $140 US, at these Diptyque stores, and at select retailers. I got mine at Holt Renfrew.

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream Improves & Protects Your Skin

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream Improves & Protects Your Skin

Or, in which I am not surprised that I am blown away by another Vichy product. I am a Vichy ProEVEN fan, and use it every day, as do both of my daughters. Since I’ve been using Vichy ProEVEN, I’ve never used less concealer in my life. I hear this from readers as well. So we know the stuff works (you can read my review of Vichy ProEVEN here). So how amazing is it that Vichy has jumped on the BB band wagon with a ProEVEN BB Cream. Wow! Now, what is a BB Cream, you ask? BB Cream – BB is short for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”  is an multi-tasking cosmetic designed to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. It’s usually worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on how much coverage you want.

I often find BB creams heavy on the silicone content and actually ended up with blemishes from blocked pores. And I don’t really use a foundation product. But my daughter was asking me about them (benefits of having a mom who is a beauty blogger!) as she wanted something that would last a little longer during the day than her mattefying powder/concealer combo. Knowing that we love Vichy ProEVEN, and more importantly, knowing that it does not irritate our sensitive acne-prone skin, I was keen to try their new ProEVEN BB Cream, or should I say, use my daughter as a guinea pig test subject. The big attraction to the Vichy BB Cream is that it contains medicated and effective ingredients that improve skin tone, moisturize and reduce pore size, just as the ProEVEN cream does. It contains SPF 20, and the same magical ingredients to even tone that is in their fabulous Vichy ProEVEN Cream.

Medium to Dark Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream in natural light, half blended.

She loves it, and it blends so seamlessly into the skin I can’t even tell she has make up on.  It doesn’t get shiny and does not appear to be blocking any pores, as her skin has been calm and lovely since she has been using it. The silicone content isn’t proving to be problematic, and if used properly, silicone can actually have healing properties. I have actually been using a teensy bit on my t-zone for coverage and mattifying and am really impressed. It is a fine texture that seems to melt into the skin leaving a softly blurred finish. It comes in two “universal” colours Light-Medium and Medium-Dark. I like Medium-Dark used sparingly, as it gives a slightly tan appearance. It really is so sheer but I do recommend testing on your skin if you can.

So- here is the best part! Daly Beauty is having a draw for some Vichy Pro-EVEN BB Cream! We have a few Mediums and Lights to give away, so there will be more than 1 winner. To enter, leave a comment here, be sure to like and comment on the Daly Beauty Facebook page , if you are on Twitter, follow @Daly_Beauty on Twitter, and tweet me that you have entered using the #TeamVichyProEVEN hashtag! Draw will be 6pm October 24, 2012.

Contest is closed, thank you to all who entered! Stay tuned for more giveaways on Daly Beauty, next week we will be giving away some beautiful perfumes!

Winners: Heather Desserud, Melissa Flynn, Lisa Carbone & Gigi Sweeps- congratulations! Please email your mailing infomration to

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Murale in Canada, and online in the US for around $33.

The Stunning Dior Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Vernis: Lady

The Stunning Dior Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Vernis: Lady

Everything about Dior’s Grand Bal Holiday Collection 2012 is stunningly beautiful. Like- majorly hit it out of the park gorgeous. The nail polishes and bottles- I’m practically speechless and am blown away by the beautiful bottles and creamy and divine formula.

I fell for Lady 011, which is a snowy white frosty colour. Originally I wanted the deep red shade, but when I saw the photo of the collection and the bottle itself, it reminded me of a colour I used to wear in the 80s. The Dior version is less flashy, less frosty and garish than my 80s polish. It’s elegant and neutral and a perfect twist on the kabillion sheer polish shades I own. This will get a lot of wear this holiday season for sure. I am wearing 1 coat of Lippmann Hard Rock, 2 coats of Dior Vernis Lady and 1 coat of Lippmann Addicted to Speed. Dior Lady is still slightly sheer with 2 coats, as I can see a visible nail line. I imagine 3 coats would look gorgeous as well, and more like the white out effect you see in the ad. Verdict? LOVE.

Dior Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Collection is available at select Christian Dior counters at department stores.

The Perfect Perfume For A Bond Girl – Amouage Gold Woman

The Perfect Perfume For A Bond Girl – Amouage Gold Woman

Amouage perfumes are among the more luxurious and special perfumes in the world. They are full of rare and beautiful ingredients that smell divine, they are encased in beautiful jewel-like bottles, and they cost a small fortune. The cost is not really a deterrent. I have found that if someone really really really loves a perfume, and how that perfume makes them feel, they will pay. The other thing is simply that the luxury market is simply that – luxury. I am overwhelmed by most of the Amouage perfumes. They are dense, rich and often heavy, and are a little more than I want in my perfume. Yet, there are a few that linger in my scent memory every time I try them, and the ghost of the divine scent haunts me. It whispers “Jane….you need an Amouage perfume….remember how that bottle felt in your hands? Remember that hypnotic scent?”

Amouage Gold Woman is a stunning and ethereal perfume. It is rich and complex, but also airy and ethereal. It has the elegance of the aldehydic florals of the 70s to my mind, even though it was created in 1983, and doesn’t actually have strong aldehydic notes at all.  The perfumer is the same man who created Hermes Caleche, and I would say there is a relation to Caleche, in the cool, elegant, effortless way it smells like “old money” and grace. It is softer than Caleche, and less stringent and dated. At least on my skin. I remember years ago telling my perfume mentor aunt that I liked Caleche. She tole me I was far too young to think about wearing it, and perhaps that has coloured my impressions of Hermes Caleche, although I do respect it’s beauty. It’s very Grace Kelley, but not very “me”. Amouage Gold also has a cool modern rosy feel to it that was making me think of Paco Rabanne Calandre. Close but…not exactly right. Amazing that something so airy, so modernist yet classic at the same time, was lurking in that baroque golden bottle. On my skin it wears close to the body, and warms up with some of the most beautiful and quiet progression of notes I’ve ever experienced. I’ve read so many reviews that call it “big” and a “sillage monster”. I don’t get that- at all. It’s understated and gorgeous elegance on me. The frankincense note that develops actually purrs on the skin.

Still, something else was nagging me as I enjoyed the gorgeous transition of notes Amouage Gold Woman was going though on my skin. Elegant….green…I could smell rose, and a slight hint of a clean lily of the valley note. The mixture of sandalwood and resinous amber in the dry down is like a gentle kiss. You can barely detect it and crave more, but even the gentle notes you can smell are full of sensual beauty. It smells timeless, and I swear I smell oakmoss in there even though it isn’t listed. But, the woodsy mossy and at the same time, soapy rose is what stands out. Like, a gorgeous, expensive and rare rose soap. The nagging comparison that was lurking deep in my scent memory finally came out last night. I think it took so long because it’s been so long since I’d smelled it. What is it, you ask? Why, it’s the original vintage formulation of Yves St Laurent Rive Gauche.

I loved it dearly and was deeply saddened when YSL changed it to the unrecognizable perfume Rive Gauche is today. It’s nothing like the original, and I mourned the loss of what was possibly my favourite rose perfume ever. So take the cool Hitchcock blonde feel of a Grace Kelly type, but then mix it up with the effortless sexiness of Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin. Touchable hair that looks like you may have just tumbled out of bed, vs tied up in a silk Hermes scarf. I’ve never been that proper.

So, is exactly the same? No, and it seems to have almost half the number of listed notes, but it captures everything I loved about YSL Rive Gauche, including the elegant je ne sais quoi that only the finest French perfumes convey. Verdict? Love, of course. Thank you to my dear friend who gifted me with this beauty. I will treasure it.

Amouage Gold Woman is available from their website, and from various retailers. Check here to find one near you.

Go Ahead, Try To Perk Me Up: Benefit Perk Up Artist

Ok let me share the neatest little Benefit make up kit with you! You NEED this, trust me. Benefit The Perk Up Artist contains a yellow corrector/neutralizer to banish redness and discolouration, a concealer to hide dark circles and imperfections, and a pink toned brightener make eyes pop.

The Perk Up Artist is in the cutest little compact with a nice double ended brush and mirror, so cute and portable, perfect for the purse. No one does cute and cheeky packaging as wonderfully as Benefit!  When I first opened it up I was concerned it might be more product than I could ever need or want.  But then I followed the Benefit instructions and was impressed with the results! I also thought the colours were much darker than they appeared on the skin, but they are surprisingly light and universal. By universal I mean they work well on my St Tropez’d skin as well as my porcelain toned daughter, so your mileage may vary.

Correct, Cover, Brighten – indoor, daylight

The creamy soft texture is not too light, nor is it too pasty or thick, but it’s just right. It applies beautifully and blends like a dream. It isn’t Cle de Peau concealer, but that isn’t what it is trying to be. It is a lovely quality product that works, in a darling yet practical case. In other words, just what we have come to expect from Benefit.Verdict? Perfect for the purse, gym bag or travel bag. LOVE.

The Perk Up Artist vailable where Benefit is sold and on their website for $30.