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February 2014


OPI Amazon Amazoff – Amazing

OPI’s Brazil Collection has some lovely bright and vivid shades. I grabbed the coral-y orange Toucan Do It If You Try, which is almost a dusty neon, if that makes any sense, and the amazing Amazon….Amazoff. I’m kind of in…

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Trind Keratin Treatment – Saving Weak Nails

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. My nails get strong and healthy, then I go and do something dumb to ruin them. I use a bad nail product, decide it’s time to scrub bathroom tiles with no rubber gloves,…

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Guerlain Stardust Nail Polish – Meteorites Blossom Limited Edition

I’m a sucker for a pretty sheer polish, especially if it has an opalescent shimmer. I happened to have bare nails when I went by the Guerlain counter recently and was able to try their limited edition nail polish, Stardust,…

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Bobbi Brown Uber Pink Collection Is Also Uber Pretty

We all love Bobbi Brown cosmetics because she knows what flatters. She isn’t breaking ground with crazy colours, which I love too, but instead she is simply grounding. Find what flatters you, and have fun with it. And of course,…

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What’s You Secret To Waking Up Glowing? A “Midnight Secret”?

There are so many cult beauty products out there that sometimes I say “I simply must try  ________”, and then sadly forget about it. Because, you know, all of the new products. I recently decided that I must try Guerlain…

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Guerlain Samsara vintage review dalybeauty

Guerlain Samsara, Heaven In A Bottle (Vintage)

Guerlain Samsara is definitely a bombastic perfume. There are two stories about the origin of this perfume which was released in 1989. The romantic story of the scent itself tells us that Jean-Paul Guerlain sought inspiration in China and Tibet…

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