AERIN Tuberose le Jour & Tuberose le Nuit Perfume Reviews

Tuberose is everywhere this season! I am pleasantly surprised by the face that many of this fall’s perfume releases feature white florals. And, considering how much I adore Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, I swooned when I saw that…

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CHANEL Gabrielle, A Radiant, Sparkling CHANEL Perfume

  Can you believe it has been fifteen years since CHANEL released a new perfume as part of their classic collection? The last one was CHANEL Chance, released in 2002. All the perfumes that have landed on CHANEL counters since…

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Gucci Bloom Smells Like Skin Kissed By Flowers

  I was anxiously awaiting the launch of Gucci Bloom. Photos of the campaign, shot by Toronto’s incredibly talented artist Petra Collins, and the stunning bottle, were leaking online before the release and tempting me with it’s beauty. The campaign…

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Le Jardin Retrouvé Niche Perfumes: Review

A quick reading of the history of Le Jardin Retrouvé Perfumes reads a bit like a fairy tale. The original perfumer, Yuri Gutzatz, survived Nazis and war in Europe. He moved to Paris and was hired by a perfume company…

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dalybeauty Guerlain Mahora perfume review

Guerlain Mahora: A Tuberose Sandalwood Coconut Ylang Slap In The Face (Vintage)

Guerlain Mahora is a reviled Guerlain offering from 1999, partially I think because it should have been release in 1985. Or maybe even 1965. It’s lush, animalic, unapologetically rich and, to me, absolutely gorgeous. Mahora is Jacques Guerlain’s last creation…

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Super Sexy Robert Piguet Douglas Hannant. Also, Perfect Party Perfume

Robert Piguet is a fashion house that launched in the early 30s, and is most famously known for it’s bomabstic, gorgeous and take-no-prisoners scents of the 40s. There is Bandit, a naughty and butch leather fragrance, not for the meek,…

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Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum- Perfume That Purrs

I recently became obsessed with tuberose. It can be a challenging note in perfume. Keeping in mind that everyone wears perfume differently, and just because it smells awful on me, doesn’t mean it isn’t a gorgeous perfume. Like Robert Piguet…

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Sweet Sexy Tuberose: Heely Bubblegum Chic vs Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

  Every time I spritzed on Heeley’s Bubblegum Chic, the intense heady top notes reminded me of another perfume I knew I had in my collection. No, not the ass-kicking-take-no-prisoners tuberose of Fracas. It was definitely something more velvety and…

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Describing L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons Perfume is like Chasing Butterflies

  One of my most favourite gentle floral perfumes for warmer days is L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons (Chasing Butterflies). It was launched in 1999, and is to me, a perfect representation of the perfume house of L’Artisan Parfumeur….

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Keiko Mecheri Tuberose & Iles de Lointaines- White Floral Beauty

Keiko Mecheri is a niche perfumer working out of California. She has a large catalogue of scents and is best known for her gourmand beauty Loukhoum, based on the sweet Turkish desert of rose, almond and dates. I am not…

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