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February 2012

Sometimes I Want Some Bubbly In My Perfume

Mmmm love Champagne One of my favourite perfumes is an Yves St Laurent creation from 1993. It was launched under the name Champagne until the Champagne makers from France decided the name infringed on their product, so YSL changed the…

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Weleda Skin Food Saved My Hungry Skin

You know those cult products- the ones that beauty editors all love and that folks in the know always have handy? Weleda Skin Food is one of those and it has long been on my Get This And Try It…

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Kiehl’s Gardenia Perfume Oil is a Rare Beauty

No gardenias here…enjoy the hibiscus… Its always a bummer when something we love is taken off the shelves. There are countless perfumes that have been discontinued and there is usually only one reason for this- sales. So I suppose the…

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RIP Whitney Houston…We Will Always Love You

Sometimes there are no words that are appropriate to the situation….we can only pray that the beautiful and gifted Whitney Houston has found peace. She will be missed.  Sending love and light to her family. The biggest devil is me. I’m either…

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