InStyle Magazine or Daly Beauty. We’ve Got The Scoop

Oh my gosh Daly Beauty told me I needed it!
Funny….I was leafing through the March 2012 edition (the one with the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston on the cover) of my Beauty Bible, aka In Style magazine, the other day and noticed something. Several of their beauty tips were things I had written about on Daly Beauty over the past few months. So, either In Style is looking to Daly Beauty for beauty tips (wishful thinking) or great minds think alike. Here are some of the fun scoops that my readers got here first:
Candy Pink Nails: InStyle says on page 357 that bright fuchsia nails are the best antidote to the winter blues. Really? So did Daly Beauty in July of 2011 when I showed you how gorgeous Deborah Lippmann Between The Sheets is
Eyebrow Wows: InStyle has a 4 page editorial on how thick healthy eyebrows are in & thin & bleached out brows are weird. Hm. I believe I scooped this in December of 2011 when I told you that you would thank me for these brow tips…
Big Wavy Hair: On page 380 InStyle tells you how to bust out the big hair and get lovely bouncy waves. I knew this was the hair-DO for me before Christmas & posted my bouncin’ & behavin’ waves on Instagram here & in February I told you my styling secret to soft touchable wavy hair
Sweet Kissable Hot Pink Lips: Well this is almost embarrassing! On page 384 in InStyle’s Beauty Editor’s Picks, their senior beauty editor Angelique Serrano suggests the best sheer pink lip for the colour shy….really Angelique! Clearly great beauty minds think alike, as I suggested the exact same Clinique one…last month.
Rosy Pink Cheeks: Oh gosh…on page 394 InStyle suggests a gentle pink rosy blush for sweet pinched cheeks that don’t look clownish. I must say I wholeheartedly agree, as in January I shared my most beloved soft rose blush by Benefit...
So there you have it. If you are like me, you look forward every month to diving into the delicious beauty & fashion-o-rama of InStyle magazine. And now you know, you can tune into Daly Beauty for a preview of the fabulous trends that are coming….

Sometimes I Want Some Bubbly In My Perfume

Mmmm love Champagne
One of my favourite perfumes is an Yves St Laurent creation from 1993. It was launched under the name Champagne until the Champagne makers from France decided the name infringed on their product, so YSL changed the name to Yvresse, which is a cheeky name for a perfume meaning “drunkeness” and sounds fun juxtaposed with YSL. It was launched in an era when a fruity flowery “big” perfume was a good thing, and quickly became a classic. 
It is a chypre, by definition, and the older versions contain real oakmoss. Real oakmoss makes for a deep earthy sexy base that dries down beautifully on the skin. But it is the fruity bubbly top notes that really astound. If someone had told me a perfume could approximate the nose tingling bubbles of a fruity champagne cocktail, I would have laughed but that is exactly what Yvresse feels like. It has the hold over from the 80s kitchen sink list of notes that the creator, Sophia Grojsman is known for. It is a multi layered beauty that does lots of developing as you wear it and is actually like a party of delicious notes celebrating their combined gorgeousness on your skin.
The top notes are peach, apricots and nectarine which brings to mind a sparkling mimosa but it is the bubbly aspect that amazes. I think the minty/menthol notes help elevate the fruits and add that effervescent quality- but wait, it gets better. As it dries down the rose, jasmine and carnation just melt beautifully into the rich base of patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver. I love the way this scent settles- it goes from woo-hoo bubbly dancing to a nice mellow buzz without the headache.
I could get drunk on this beautiful perfume…
YSL Yvresse never fails to garner compliments but I wear this one with caution. It is gorgeous but it is a whole lotta perfume, so all it takes is a few strategically placed dabs to waft beautifully and make everyone want to lean in closer because I smell so damn good. There are multiple versions of Champagne and Yvresse, with the older ones containing the good stuff. I have an original release Yvresse eau de toilette which I love, but my friend Dane has a precious bottle of Champagne parfum- WOOF. That is the stuff of dreams and I am on the hunt for a bottle. It is small and precious but quite heavy and of course, has the sweet design of a champagne cork. I have tried current Yvresse and it is still beautiful- not as rich and deep as the original but lovely. If you hunt around online you can find older bottles of Yvresse for a very reasonable price. And if you love Champagne and are feeling happy and sexy, I highly recommend you get some. Then pour yourself and someone special a glass of bubbly, and enjoy….

Weleda Skin Food Saved My Hungry Skin

You know those cult products- the ones that beauty editors all love and that folks in the know always have handy? Weleda Skin Food is one of those and it has long been on my Get This And Try It List. Well, try it I did, and let me say I’m so glad I did. Skin Food is full of all kinds of good stuff for your skin, like vitamin E from organic sunflower oil, organic pansy, rosemary, and calendula- a cocktail of healing moisturizing goodness. Weleda has been in the skincare business since 1921 and are named after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing- they have earned their reputation for excellence.
I took it on the ultimate moisture test- a three hour flight…starting in -25 C temperatures with bone dry central heating. I know, right? Yuck. So I started a few nights before flying by applying Skin Food to my hands, elbows and knees at night. I love the soft citrusy herbal (rosemary) scent- it is gentle and natural and dissipates as the product melts into your skin- which it does. It feels kind of heavy at first and I was afraid it would remain greasy but that wasn’t an issue. Right away I noticed my cuticles and elbows were softer when I woke up. So I started using it on my lips at night and throughout the day as I started carrying Skin Food in my bag, and again, it really moisturizes, not just coats or sits on top of skin. 
Go ahead- dig in. Your skin will thank you.
I started using it on little rough spots, those pesky little pimples that take forever to heal, and my feet. The difference is astounding and it is easily one of the most effective and healing moisturizers I have ever used. The rough spots disappear, and any little cuts or pimples heal up quickly. I have a scar on my foot from surgery in the fall and the doctor recommended vitamin E to help diminish the scar- Skin Food is working it’s magic on that as well. After a holiday in the sun and sea, I would use Skin Food around my eyes, on my neck and décolletage and my skin is left dewy and moist. I am officially addicted to this stuff and now have one in my purse and my bedside table. It adds a nice glow to skin and is wonderful as a gentle highlighter when dabbed on the cheek or under the browbone. It’s a nice feeling to know you are using something gentle, natural and healing to bring out your own beauty….
At under $20 for a 75ml tube, this will last a long while, as it is so rich and gorgeous, a little goes a long way. Weleda products are available for sale on their website, at health food stores and pharmacies. 
Kiehl’s Gardenia Perfume Oil is a Rare Beauty

Kiehl’s Gardenia Perfume Oil is a Rare Beauty

No gardenias here…enjoy the hibiscus…
Its always a bummer when something we love is taken off the shelves. There are countless perfumes that have been discontinued and there is usually only one reason for this- sales. So I suppose the beautiful, soft and lush Kiehls Gardenia Oil was not a big seller for them. Pity, because to my nose it is one of the prettiest gardenia scents I have ever worn. It seems Kiehl’s has decided to stick to their signature musk for their perfume- which is a beauty on it’s own. I love Kiehl’s Musk & wear it often.
Beautiful authentic gardenia perfumes are rare- it takes literally thousands of kilos of gardenias to extract just one kilo of gardenia absolute. There are lots of gardenia “types” and combos that usually feature tuberose as the star scent. But gardenia is more gentle than tuberose and to my nose, more intoxicating. I have a few that I love and wear- Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, is one, and while it is stunning, it is mostly tuberose. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower is another stunner but I feel its more tuberose and green notes but definitely worth trying. Gorgeous. Tuberose tends to add a sweet yummy almost bubble gum note to perfumes- gardenia is more tart. Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia is a soft simple scent with some spices and tea notes with a touch of sweet gardenia that makes it quite pleasant and easy to wear. Another one of my bedtime perfumes.
Kiehls Gardenia was one I tried a few years ago and didn’t buy. One of those I tried at the store, then didn’t realize I loved it until I was home. By the time I decided to buy it, it was disappearing from the shelves. I finally got a little vial and well, of course I adore it. It is soft and sweet, but without the coconut beach notes that often makes gardenia perfumes too sweet. It has just enough green to be fresh and because it is an oil perfume, it wears very close to the skin. You have to snuggle in pretty closely to smell it…mmm. Although this gardenia is so lovely I wouldn’t mind a little more volume – it must be lovely if I’m left wanting more. Gardenia is a feminine beautiful scent and you can’t help but feel a little glam when you wear it. I imagine myself heading off to a candlelit dinner by the beach….with bare shoulders, my hair in sultry waves and a lush gardenia tucked behind one ear.
I was talking to my friend Tara last night- she lives in Florida and has these huge gardenia shrubs in her yard. When they are in bloom, she told me she fills every room in her house with vases of gardenia blossoms. Doesn’t that sound sublime? I think I could move to Florida just for the flowers. Because I know she also has jasmine in her backyard. I haz jealous 

No one wore a gardenia in their hair better than Billie….
So there are some simple gardenias out there to try. Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia for sure, Penhaligon’s Gardenia is quite pretty, simple and elegant. Kai perfume is a tart green gardenia, and Floris Gardenia is simple soapy and feminine. I have not tried Isabey Gardenia but it sounds sublime and is on my hit list. For a cheap thrill? Believe or not, Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia. I read somewhere that her Gardenia scent was created as somewhat as an homage to her favourite perfume, Tuvache Jungle Gardenia – you must read this post about this most legendary of gardenia perfumes. I tried Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia ages ago and kind of forget what it smells like but I plan to grab a bottle next time I see one. I tried Caswell Massey Gardenia and it was too thin and alcohol-y for me. Another one I want to try is Santa Maria Novella Gardenia- I love their perfumes and somehow think they would do gardenia well. So tell me- what are YOUR favourite gardenia scents? I’d love to hear more about my floral scent obsession du jour.

Essie Sand Tropez…In Which I Find Yet Another Perfect Nude

Oh how I love the nude nail polish. Makes hands look clean and neat, and also manages to elongate fingers and add a little bit of elegance to everything you do. My two faves to date are Deborah Lippmann Naked (probably the best nude nail polish in the world) and Fashion- they are what I would call warm nudes, each being perfect for medium and light skin tones. I have another Essie nude, Jazz, that, while not quite as warm as the Lippmanns, is warm as it has a slight pinkish tone.
In natural light. Pardon dry cuticles.


Sand Tropez is a true beige with a creamy (and I mean delicioulsy creamy) grey undertone. Loves it! I keep looking at my hands and wondering why it took me so long to get this. Nude nail polishes are like red nailpolishes. And shoes. And perfumes. You can never have too many….
This is me on the sand in St Tropez. Well, actually Brigitte Bardot.

Perfect Valentine’s Lips With Dermaglow & Clinique

One of my latest skincare loves is Dermaglow. One of their early successes was the Dermaglow Lip Plumper and I am now officially a believer. I grabbed it on sale at our local Shoppers Drug Mart a couple weeks ago and wish I had grabbed two. Or five. I LOVE it. Dermaglow Lip Plumper is a moisturizing and healing lip balm with the added benefit of plumping. The website says peptides are among the key ingredients and that they help plump the surface of the skin. I won’t comment on the science of this but I can say my lips feel fuller, the lines around them less visible and no discernable tingling or discomfort. It has a silky texture that adds a slight sheen to lips but not a glossy or sticky finish. More like a Chapstick texture or finish. I find it quite healing and my lips are definitely softer since using the Dermaglow. Verdict: love love love – this will always have a place in my make up bag…

Bare lips with Dermaglow Lip Plumper

So now that your lips are lovely and youthfully full, how about a touch of sexy colour so you can pucker up, Valentine’s style? Clinique has released a whole new selection of Almost Lipsticks that I am in love with! Remember those? The sheer almost-there-your-lips-but-better lipstick that came out first? Now every line has a version but Clinique was the first. Gentle, without scent or taste, and a perfect sheer formula, almost every woman I know had Black Honey in their purse in the 90s! I love Almost Lipsticks because I can put them on without a mirror, and there is no thick cakey lipstick feel. Nor will it transfer to glasses or smudge because it is so sheer. I am going to review a bunch of them…stay tuned because they have a Red For Those Afraid of Red Lipstick shade. For realz. But for a perfectly pink Valentines pout, I am in LOVE with Flirty Honey. It is a hot pink in the tube but the perfect kissable pink on the lips. Layered with my Dermaglow it is just adorable!

Clinique Almost Lipstick “Flirty Honey”

Flirty Honey swatched in indirect daylight- lighter on left, heavier on right…

Pretty in pink with Flirty Honey!
Dermaglow purchasing information is here & Clinique is available anywhere they have a Clinique counter….

RIP Whitney Houston…We Will Always Love You

Sometimes there are no words that are appropriate to the situation….we can only pray that the beautiful and gifted Whitney Houston has found peace. She will be missed.  Sending love and light to her family.
The biggest devil is me. I’m either my own best friend or my worst enemy ~ Whitney Houston

Peter Lamas Avocado and Olive Ultra Smoothing Line Is Amazing

Peter Lamas Avocado and Olive Ultra Smoothing Line Is Amazing

My search for gentle and moisturizing hair products is an ongoing one. Often products that claim to do this are full of silicones and other stuff that actually just build up on hair. It may work the first few times but eventually will have a boomerang effect on your hair as it dries out underneath the layers of leftover product. Peter Lamas makes a natural line of moisturizing and soothing hair products, The Naturals, that are loved and used by many Hollywood lovelies with enviable gorgeous healthy hair.
Well, needless to say, I am in love and the Avocado & Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner are my new favourite products. The shampoo smells like a lovely black tea with a touch of citrus, and the conditioner has a gentle sandalwood scent. Both are soft and gentle and make these products completely unisex in scent. Nicely done, as girly stuff can tend to smell like a bouquet of flowers or the manly stuff like Axe. The Naturals smell beautiful and high quality. My hair felt smooth right away after shampooing, in the shower. This is always a good sign as a harsh shampoo can make my hair a wooly mammoth mess that needs a bucket of conditioner to calm. Again- using the cotton t-shirt hair wrap after the shower has made a difference as well. Silky smooth hair is mine! I can’t stress enough how my hair can be like Crusty The Clown if I don’t look after it, so trust me, the photos of my hair are testimony to Peter Lamas The Naturals awesomeness.
I got a sample of the Chinese Herbs Styling Cream that smells amazing and makes my hair shiny and soft. Its full of rice proteins and good stuff that conditions as it controls. It does have a touch of silicone but it is one of the last ingredients so it is not a concern. I plan on getting a full size of this one as well. I used it on my hair twin daughters long blond locks as well and it made her thick coarse hair silky too.
Indirect light…no frizz, baby!
Shiny in the sun…
So silky….
It’s quite sunny. You can tell by the sunglasses
No pouffiness but not flat either. Perfect!

Peter Lamas products are available online via their site. The shampoo and conditioner are each $18 for a large 350ml bottle. Canadians can buy it here, US residents here.

OPI Pink Friday Makes Me Think Pink

The bombastic Nicki Minaj recently put out a collection of colours with OPI. They are all pretty amazing but I really liked the Barbie pink colour, Pink Friday, which is named after her debut album. 
It’s cute, fun and cheerful and just makes me happy to look at- maybe because its yet another teaser for the divine ice cream pastels coming this spring. I’ve really been loving opaque lighter colours on my nails these days and Pink Friday is good pink fun. Two normal coats is all it took for total coverage. The formula is one of OPI’s best- just thick enough to give perfect coverage yet thin enough to dry relatively quickly without a quick dry top coat.

Nicki Minaj has created quite a sensation. Whether or not you like hip hop is simply a matter of taste, but there is no question this woman is force to be reckoned with. Hip hop is about as male dominated as one could get but she came and she conquered. She beat out Jay Z & Kanye West for Best Hip Hop Album at the American Music Awards which is no small feat. I like her spirit and her chutzpah and the world can use more butt kicking women like her.

If you don’t take control of your career, guess what? You’ll be stuck in the sunset watching the sunrise, I am the sunrise ~ Nicki Minaj

I.C.O.N. Mesh Styling Cream & My Hair- Oh Behave!

I.C.O.N. Mesh Styling Cream & My Hair- Oh Behave!

It always surprises me to find what I consider to be some of the most incredible beauty products out there are a) completely unknown to my friends (one of the reasons I started this blog) and b) not reviewed by anyone, anywhere. ICON Mesh Styling Cream is one of them. This is probably the best hair styling product I have ever used. Ever. And I’ve meant to write about forevah but get distracted by all the sparkly shiny things that come my way *oh glitter nail polish*….but I digress. I have coarse wavy hair that whips the butt of pretty much every styling product out there. For something to actually hold and calm my hair, it usually has to have the texture of thick glue or lacquer. I.C.O.N. Mesh teaches my hair to behave.

My amazing hair-whisperer/stylist/artist Katarina introduced me to ICON line years ago. She carries a different main line in her family salons, but is committed 100% to ICON Mesh Styling and ICON Cure (that’s another post…) and once I tried it on my hair, I became a believer. Its a light weight gently scented styling cream, perfect for wavy, curly hair, or just for controlling hair. It works well on short hair as well as long hair. I use it on damp hair pre-styling and also on dry hair after styling to refresh my style the next day. I use a quarter sized dollop and emulsify it between my hands then evenly distribute it on my hair. For my long hair it works best to concentrate Mesh on the lower half of my hair.

…because we all don’t have Warren to do our hair for us…

It is described as “A styling cream that creates structure and flexible style”. That is exactly what it does. It does not build up in hair and its almost impossible to tell there is product in the hair. It doesn’t flake off and actually seems to have a conditioning effect. It does have the tiniest bit of silicone in it (way down the ingredient list, near fragrance) which adds slip but there isn’t enough to build up in the hair. I am silicone phobic as all it really does is mask issues in the hair and coat it so conditioners can’t work & my silicone detector has not gone off with Mesh. The scent is very soft and gentle and seems to dissipate as your hair dries. I actually love the smell- it’s very soft & sort of a sweet floral woody scent. If I want tons of hold ( like for a fancy party- otherwise that is just not my lifestyle…) I use hairspray. But for everyday control and polish, Mesh is simply perfect.

3rd day waves….hair for the lazy…

I get my ICON products from my stylist. They have a store/salon search engine on their site so hopefully you can find some near you! It is also available for sale on Amazon. I buy the giant 250ml bottle and it lasts at least 6 months. I also got the travel size bottle and refill it for, well, travel.