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January 2014


L’Occitane Shea Butter – The Only Lip Balm For The Polar Vortex

Whenever I go to my girlfriend’s house (slumber parties, girl’s night’s out, etc) there is always a tube of L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick. It’s stick, in the classic Chapstick manner, and she told me that it was The…

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Scrub Away Your Troubles, And Wash That Dull Skin Away

I’m a mad exfoliator. My skin is oily and acne-prone, as in painful cystic hormonal acne, along with blocked pores. However, as is often the case with acne prone types, my skin is also sensitive. Part of keeping oil and…

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Jin Soon Obsidian Nail Polish – A Galaxy On My Nails

Ah Jin Soon Obsidian nail polish, you are a beautiful thing. You are like a twinkling galaxy of prettiness on my nails, and it makes me happy to look at you. Your lovely multi-coloured glitter in that creamy black base…

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Radiant Skin – Aftelier And Rodin, Facial Oils That Are Making Me Glow Right Now

I am a huge proponent of oils for moisturizing. For the body, the face, cuticles, nails and hair. Aroma M, Kiehl’s, Aftelier, Osmia Organics and Providence Perfumes, just to name a few of my favourites. Oil is a quick and efficient…

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Maybelline Baby Lips – Paging Dr Rescue!

If you haven’t tried Maybelline Baby Lips – what are you waiting for?! They are the best treat for lips you can get, either with a hint of colour or not, for under $5. And yet Baby Lips do not…

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Dior Porcelaine & Perlé Nail Polish – Sky Blue Magical Matte Shimmer

Sometimes all it takes is one photo of a beauty campaign to send me running to the cosmetic counter. Dior  Trianon Spring 2014 is one of those times. The whole collection evokes the gorgeous yummy colours of Sofia Coppola’s film,…

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Body Oil Obsessed: Bare Love Body, Benefit Bathina & Osmia Body Oil

My obsession with body oils continues. I love the way oils sink into the skin. I will always love my lotions and creams, but I honestly find they work best when used in conjunction with a body oil. Body oils…

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Luxe, Long Lasting Skin Perfection: Givenchy Teint Couture

I am super picky about what I use on my face, “foundation” wise. I hate liquid foundations, and I loathe feeling like I am wearing a mask. My skin is also super sensitive, making it a challenge to find a…

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Jin Soon French Lilac Polish Is Like A Radiant Orchid

Full disclosure: sometimes I buy beauty products and then don’t use them. This happened with Jin Soon French Lilac nail polish. I thought it was so pretty, had to have it, bought it. French Lilac was released as part of…

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