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April 2013


Do You Remember Rose Milk Lotion? I Still Love It.

One of my favourite scent memories is Rose Milk body lotion. I used it as a teenager and just loved it. Turns out it is still being made and sold! I think a few drugstores in the US carry it,…

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Delicate Cuticles? Clinique Makes Nail Polish Now.

Look at these colours! I am so excited for this line. Love the packaging, and the colours are like candy! Clinique debuts A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins! Clinique introduces a pioneering innovation to the nail enamel industry with a…

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Shining Skincare Stars From Vichy & Skinceuticals

I thought I would share two items I am LOVING right now. These are items that have earned permanent spots in my collection for one simple reason – the reason anything becomes something I can’t be without – they work….

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Lemon by Mary Greenwell Is Sweet, Delicious & Sexy

Let us enjoy this excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s Ode To The Lemon: …he most intense liqueur of nature, unique, vivid, concentrated, born of the cool, fresh lemon, of its fragrant house, its acid, secret symmetry. I bet you already can…

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Shall We See What I Have In My Purse Today?

I regularly change up the contents of the make up bag in my purse. I am still a huge fan of the leather pouches from American Apparel Carry All Pouch – they feel substantial and well made. I like the…

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Guerlain Is One Of The Best Perfume Houses In The World. According To Me.

  This isn’t a review, I’m just sharing my love and my collection with my fellow perfumistas. Some of them I’ve reviewed, some I haven’t. Some I still plan to, some I will never bother trying because such amazing reviews…

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I Love Finding Things I Forgot I Had. Like Vintage Rochas.

I was digging through a scarf drawer the other day. I use the term “scarf drawer” loosely. It’s predominantly scarves. Well, more like fifty-fifty. Anyways, I found a small silk scarf square, white with a black lace design that is…

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You Really Need A Bunch Of Pretty Things from Gage Huntley

The miracle that is Instagram has opened up a whole new world for business. That is where I stumbled upon the amazing Gage Huntley, the company owned by California based jewellery designer Amanda Dale. She has an effortlessly cool style,…

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Shu Uemura Online Shopping Now In Canada

I remember the days when Sephora finally landed in North America. I would trek to NY to get my beloved Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse and cart bottles back like contraband. I felt exotic and amazing to possess the rare…

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I’m Not Really A Dilettante, But I Play One On The Internet

I have been lusting after the Estée Lauder Nail Lacquers for some time. The bottles look like jewels or crystal ice cubes, and the colours are rich and delicious. Tom Pecheux, world renowned make up artist and the Creative Makeup…

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