Vichy Mineral 89 Serum: Drench Your Skin In This

  I’ve been testing a new hyaluronic acid serum from Vichy and it’s official. I’m in love. Vichy’s newest serum, Mineral 89, is a fortifying and hydrating daily skin booster that’s loaded with hyaluronic acid. Everyone needs a hyaluronic serum…

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dalybeauty men's grooming

Give the Gift of Good Grooming

Because of the date, December, this is a holiday gift guide, but the these gifts would be appropriate all year long. Obviously. So let’s start with the boys on the list. Or anyone else who might like this stuff. Cologne…

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Menopausal Skincare and Beyond: Vichy NeoVadiol & Tips From Dr Vivien Brown, Women’s Health Expert

I recently had the chance to speak with Dr Vivien Brown, a family physician who has won awards for her work regarding women’s health issues. She has been consulting with Vichy and has offered guidance on any questions and concerns I have…

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Menopause, Hormones & Our Changing Skin: Vichy NeoVadiol Compensating Complex

Vichy has been committed to to making our skin look it’s best for over eighty years. In 2001, Vichy introduced the NeoVadiol line, the first skincare line to address the effects of menopause on the skin. September was Menopause Awareness…

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Good Things: More Sunscreens for Sexy Glowing Skin

It’s indeed a good sign that my posts on sunscreen are so popular. We all know now that we have to protect our skin. This morning I did a segment on CTV Ottawa and mentioned some terrific sunscreen options. Here…

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The Best Sunscreens For Sexy Skin: Hampton Sun, Vichy, Bioderma, Consonant & Jane Iredale

Why “sexy” you say? Because sunburnt skin is so NOT sexy, but soft, warm and glowy skin is. It makes you feel good, and feeling good is ninety nine percent of being sexy. I abused the sun in my youth,…

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Body Lotion Lovin’ … Vichy, Say Yes To Coconut, Nip+Fab & DermaE

I suppose if I had one skincare mantra it would be “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”. Well, that and “always wash your face before bedtime”. And “exfoliate”. But seriously, moisturize. My bedside table and bathroom counter are practically collapsing under the weight…

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Even Grown Ups Get Break Outs – Vichy Is Here For Your Skintervention

There is something completely unfair about having to battle ageing skin AND acne at the same time. Yes we know, the plus side to having acne prone skin is that oily skin does not wrinkle as early and as much…

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Daly Beauty Morning Skincare Routine

  Goodness knows, my skincare routine changes from time to time. I am a shameless product junkie, and I am always looking for the latest greatest skincare item. Right now, however, this is the facial skincare routine I am loving…

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What If The Elixir Of Youth Was An Oil? VIchy NeoVadiol Magistral Elixir

I knew I’d love Vichy NeoVadiol Magistral Elixir, simply because Vichy NeoVadiol Magistral cream has become an essential part of my moisturizing emergency kit this winter. This winter has been never ending, and it’s taking a toll on my skin….

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